Listen Up Boys: 25 Things Girls Say Vs What They Actually Mean

We as women are confusing creatures. Men are logical and women are emotional. These incredibly different ways of thinking might be the root of all those communication issues men and women face.

We give hints and say just about anything other than what we really mean. Some things that we do and say often leave men scratching their heads in confusion.

Here’s a little guide for some of the basic things that we say and what we actually might mean.

1. I’m not really looking for a relationship right now.

Translation:I’m being honest. I don’t want a relationship with you. I’m not making any promises about us having a future together, but I still want you to wood me down.”

2. I’m fine

Translation: “I’m not really fine, but just let me be. I am done trying to explain myself to you, you just don’t get it”

3. Whatever

Translation:“It is what it is, you may have won this one, but I will not admit it and accept defeat.”

4. I’ll be ready in five minutes.

Translation:“Five minutes equals an hour, maybe a few hours. I just need to re-do my hair and makeup, get my purse ready, look in the mirror a million times and take a few hundred selfies before I can leave the house.”

5. I don’t want to ruin our friendship

Translation:“I’ve never thought about dating you, and I don’t like you enough to change my mind. I am not sexually attracted to you. You will never see me naked. But you are my friend and I don’t want to hurt your feelings.”

6. I’ve been busy

Translation:“I am not interested to make time to see you or make plans with you. I’d rather spend time with my girlfriends or go shopping. You are the last thing on my mind.”

7. I am not sure where our relationship is going, I need time to think

Translation:“I am having doubts about you, I really don’t know what I want.  I am starting to think that you are not the right man for me. I need time to decide how I am going to break up with you.”

8. I don’t post who I date on social media

Translation: “Sure, we have fun together and I like spending time with you. We can still go out on dates and have sex. But let’s keep it private. I don’t want other men to think I am taken and ruin my chances to be with other men”.

9. I’m dying

Translation: I’m absolutely starving, so I need you to take charge right now and bring me food asap.

10. Leave me alone

Translation:“Go away for a few minutes until I calm down, then I expect you to come back and cuddle me.”

11. I love you

Translation: (after sex) “ Wow, you fucked my brains out, this was one of the best sex experiences I’ve ever had. I think I am in love with you.”

Translation: (any other time) “Wow, I really like you, you are an amazing man and I don’t want to be with anyone else, I think you are the one.”

12. We should hang out sometime

Translation: “I am attracted to you, why haven’t you asked me out a date already?”

13. I am not ready for something serious

Translation: “I want to keep my options open in case someone better comes along, but I want to keep fucking you. But, don’t go anywhere because I like to have you around as my backup plan.”

14. I need space

Translation: “I am not alright, I have so many emotions right now. I just need time to myself”

15. We need to talk

Translation: “I need you to listen, you probably did something to piss me off and you need to hear me out.”

16. Nice shirt

Translation: “Nice chest, I like your strong manly upper body.”

17. I don’t know what I want to eat

Translation: “I am craving a cheeseburger right now, but you know what pasta sounds good too. Oh, I heard there’s a new asian restaurant around the corner.”

18. I really miss you

Translation: (if you have been dating for awhile) “I miss spending time with you.”

Translation: (if you are not in a serious relationship but have hooked up a few times) “I want to be penetrated by you again.”

19. Do whatever you want

Translation: “Actually don’t do whatever you want. I am just testing you. I am daring you, not permitting you.”

20. We will see

Translation:“ You’re not really getting the hint and I am trying to find ways to avoid making plans with you so I don’t hurt your feelings with rejection.”

21.- Who is that girl?

Translation: “I am definitely feeling jealous and a bit insecure right now, who is this chick, do you like her? Have you fucked her? Do you want to fuck her?”

22. I’m not mad

Translation:I am mad, very much actually. I’m not going to tell you why – you have to figure it out yourself.”

23. It’s not you, it’s me

Translation: “It’s definitely you.”

24. Excuse me?

Translation: Oh I heard you, I’m just giving you a chance to change what you said.

25. Nothing

Translation: “Everything is wrong. Absolutely everything. I’m a ticking bomb waiting to explode. Be very afraid.”

Next time you find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out what she means… Use this to translate the most common things that women say and what they really could mean.

One more thing, if you constantly are trying to figure out how a woman feels about you, then it’s simply because deep down inside you know, she is not the right woman for you.

Photo by Lucas Lenzi on Unsplash



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