5 Tips To Make Moving In Together Less Stressful & More Enjoyable

Moving in together is a big step to take in a relationship. Between splitting the bills, sharing chores, and learning about each others living habits, it can really be overwhelming. One common stress inducer for couples is learning how to combine your personal styles to create the perfect space. While it may seem like this is an impossible task, there are ways to go through this process without causing major fights.


48% of couples in a serious relationship have reported that they have fought with their partner over finances. Sit down together to create a budget for remodeling or designing your space. It can help to decrease the number of unhappy discussions had over finances. It’s best to plan for this budget before you move. Determine ahead of time who will be responsible for contributing to each expense or if you will be splitting everything in half.


It’s important to learn to pick and choose your battles early on in a cohabiting relationship. Decide if it is really worth it to argue when your partner is insisting on a leather sofa when you’d prefer a cotton sectional. Compromise wherever it is possible. It’s important that this space reflects both of your styles. This means that sometimes you’ll have to allow something they love to go into space in order to put something you love in there. To help you both comprise easier, have each of you choose 3-4 smaller items each that will go into the new place. No questions asked.

Respect Their Space

It’s fair to assume that you may both be bringing in items that the other won’t necessarily love. Whether its a poster from their college days. Or a blanket that their grandmother hand knit for them, it may be important to them. Choose a space in your new place that you can designate to them. And let it be an area they are able to decorate with their own style. This could be something like a finished basement, home office, or a reading nook.

Many couples experience the difficulty of giving up their own personal space and alone time by moving in together. Have a space that each of you can escape to when you need some quality time by yourself. It can be valuable in the success of your relationship.

DIY Together

Creating a new style for the both of you as a couple can be achieved in various ways. One creative approach is to DIY projects together. If your partner is handy, try building furniture together like a coffee table or desk. You can shop together for the supplies and may even find yourself saving a few dollars. It’s a great way to bond and can also be a creative date night. These DIY projects don’t have to start from scratch either. Simply repainting an old piece or placing a nice frame around an old poster can make some upgrades you’ll both agree on.

Consult With a Professional

If it’s difficult for the two of you to find a style that works for both of you, consider working with a professional interior designer online. There are lots of options to explore. And having a little help can be more valuable than you may think. They’ll be able to help you decide on colors, decor, and layouts that are a compromise of both of your unique styles. But, beware, they can be expensive.

Decorating your new space should be a fun experience for the two of you to share as you take on this new journey as a couple. Work together to prepare ahead of time and remember to both go into this open-minded. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Featured image via Becca Tapert on Unsplash


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