6 Thoughts You Have Moving Out Of Your Parents’ House

If there’s one thing that seems to be a universal experience; it’s moving out for the first time. Leaving the home you shared with your family is an exciting, scary, difficult, and life-altering stage in a young person’s life.

When it comes time to pack our bags, sign a rental agreement, and pay the moving companies, there are a million things going through our minds. Although a lot of what we’re dealing with is strictly the practical aspects of making the move work, at some point, the emotions of it all will hit us too.

Although we all decide it’s time to move forward for different reasons and at different points, there are 6 thoughts we all have when we’re going through the process of moving out on our own:

  1. This is going to be the best thing ever.

When the initial plan of moving out on your own comes up, it’s thrilling. You’re automatically decorating your apartment in your head, thinking about the parties you’re going to have (without permission!) and picturing the “grown up” life you’re going to be having a blast living. This feeling will definitely give way to the other, more important things that are going to come up along the way, but this dreaming phase in the process is such an exciting rite of passage.

  1. I really don’t feel like packing all this crap.

Soon, you notice that you actually own way more than you ever imagined. I mean, you don’t even have 90% of the things you need to start-up a household and next to no furniture yet but someone here we are, 30 boxes into the packing. Scientists probably couldn’t even figure out how you stored so much stuff in one bedroom but you’re exhausted and you might have to consider downsizing a little if this is going to work out.

  1. I forgot I even owned this.

You’ve been forced by your mom to clean your room a million times over the years but it’s only when packing all your belongings up that you start to relive memories you haven’t thought of in years. You’ll find your old toys, diaries, and begin to really understand your hoarding tendencies. Make sure you cherish every moment of this because there will never be a “first move” experience again that will allow you these kind of finds.

  1. I didn’t realize how expensive everything is!

Once you’ve gone through the apartment hunting process and faced the reality that your budget probably needed some major adjustments, there are more harsh financial surprises headed your way. It’s cute how you thought you would just hire movers and sit back giving orders but once you realize how expensive it will be, you have to do some major reconsidering (contacting the strongest men you can think of.) You’ll probably also reach the sad conclusion that all the designer home decor and furniture you dreamed of is a little out of reach.

  1. Everything is so empty.

Once the boxes are full, the room is empty. For me, this was the turning point where I realized just how major what was happening was. I couldn’t even remember a time where any room in my house was so bare. I remember thinking my room was so much bigger than I thought and that is somehow felt colder as I spent my last night in it on an air mattress. It’s totally reasonable to get crazy emotional at this point because it’s your first notion of saying goodbye to how things were and starting a new beginning.

  1. Adulting is hard.

The first night in your new place is often a very surreal feeling. Nothing is really as you expected and it’s harder emotionally than you planned. Over time some aspects get easier but you’re still facing the reality of cleaning, cooking, paying bills, and well…being an adult. It doesn’t take long for it to sink in that this is a lot harder than you imagined. We all have a few moments where we almost yell to ask our mom what’s for dinner before remembering she doesn’t live here.

Moving out is one of the key steps towards adulthood. It’s a big undertaking and there’s a lot more involved than you realize until you’ve been through it. Don’t be scared to ask for advice and help from those who have been through it, especially your parents. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll miss their unsolicited advice when they’re no longer able to bust through your bedroom door unannounced.

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