Love At First Swipe: How I Turned Around My Horrible Dating Life

“Your love life is hilarious, you should write a book.”

If I had a dollar for everytime someone told me to capitalize off of my horrible dating life, I would be rich. I had a friend actually tell me to give up on love for a while after I told them about a horrible dating experience I had.

I have a reputation for being afraid of commitment, having high standards and embodying everything that comes with the single identity. I love the single life and what it has taught me about myself. Above all, I love my independence and I wouldn’t give up my time alone for the world. I always tell others, I love hanging out with myself. There’s no one else I’d rather spend time with because I’m great. Duh.

Well, there has been an unexpected turn of events in my dating life recently and I have been getting an influx of text messages asking who the boy in my latest Instagram photo is.  So here is the long-awaited story you’ve all been waiting for.

Let me set the scene. I had just moved to a new city and was laying in bed late at night with nothing to do. Out of sheer boredom, I re-downloaded the multiple dating apps to occupy my time and began swiping. My friends like to describe my usual type as white, tattooed musicians who bare a close resemblance to the homeless men living on the street. As I was swiping through the new eligible bachelors within a 10km radius of my house, a particular boy caught my eye; no tattoos, guitar, drum set, beard or long hair in sight.

His first photo was simple, and what can only be described as a genuine candid. He was sitting outside, grinning from ear to ear most likely laughing at whatever the photographer had said. I was captivated by his smile, and after browsing his other photos I decided to swipe right.

We started talking, and the conversation immediately flowed. Eventually he asked for my number and we set up a date. A real date. He didn’t ask to take me out for coffee or meet up casually on campus for an hour, he wanted the full date experience. Dinner and a hockey game. (Very Canadian of us).

I was immediately impressed. Rarely, on a first date is someone willing to spend more than $1.50 on you, because who knows if you’ll even like one another. You don’t want to waste your time and money on someone you might never see again.

The first date went incredibly well, almost too well. I felt like I had known this person for years. I immediately messaged my best friend telling her I was in trouble and that I was sure this boy was going to destroy my life. Being the wise friend she is, she told me to calm the hell down and that this was only a first date. Who knows what will happen. So, I listened. Though, quickly this boy and I began going out more and more. He would surprise me with flowers and coffee, and would even make my bed and clean the snow off my car for me in the morning. He also never judged me for how often and how much I needed to eat.

Before I knew it, Miss Anti-commitment was in a full-on committed relationship. I was extremely reluctant at first and warned him about my commitment issues, but he didn’t care. After 3 years of being single, I unexpectedly found someone who has lived up to my high standards and treats me exactly the way I deserve. On a dating app no less!

To all the single people out there, enjoy it! You are going to have some of the best times of your life if you truly take advantage of your singlehood. But be open to new opportunities and new people, and try not to be afraid. I will admit, my stubbornness and fear almost made me run away from this wonderful man, but I’ve learned to take things day by day and not let my anxiety overtake me. It took 3 years of being stood up, almost puked on, horrible sex, and awkward conversations, but I have finally found someone to take cheesy Instagram photos with.

Photo Courtesy of Julie Ann.


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