What Is A Growth Mindset? How To Think Your Way To Success

There are some things to think about and do to nurture and create a growth mindset of your own to make success happen for you!

Those with a growth mindset never see roadblocks as something in the way of their goal. Instead, they see roadblocks as opportunities for great change and growth to take them closer to their goal.

Roadblocks are always tools and signs to guide you and let you know that something needs to be changed, updated, or fixed in order to move forward. Always listen to them and make any necessary changes, or you’ll only get more — and worse — roadblocks in your path going forward, until you listen and make those changes.

Don’t see roadblocks as a problem, but as a solution to get on your best path going forward.

Those with a growth mindset don’t settle.

Not becoming complacent and settling for what you think is all you can have is a big issue most face when trying to reach their goals. Many set limits on themselves thinking they could never reach their goal.

You always have it in you. So, believe in yourself! Don’t limit your dreams, or you’ll limit yourself. You can only achieve what you believe you can!

When you have a growth mindset, you know you need to always be prepared and persistent.

Nothing will ever just fall on your plate. You need to go for it, be persistent, and actually make it happen.

No one else is responsible for where you are in life. So, don’t try to blame anyone else or play the victim. Your choices and only your choices got you where you are today — not anyone else’s.

Use that knowledge to make the right choices to get to where you want. Always take responsibility for your own life and actions.

Don’t hope to win the lottery or for your dream to just fall in your lap — it’s 100 percent up to you to create what you want in your life. You’ll feel much better and more fulfilled when you work for and create it yourself.

Those with a growth mindset always respect themselves.

Accepting less from anyone only creates less in your life. Don’t allow others to treat you wrong, and make sure to set very clear boundaries.

The more you stand up for yourself and stop any mistreatment immediately, the more you will attract those that respect you who will treat you right.

In order to attract respect, you must respect yourself, first! How you treat yourself will always be reflected in how others treat you. Always put yourself first, and don’t neglect yourself. That will give you more to give to others. If you’re depleted, you aren’t good to anyone, especially yourself.

Those with a growth mindset know that things won’t come easy.

When you expect a challenge, don’t let it throw you off when it happens. Use the dream to keep yourself going and focused, no matter what.

Visualize the goal often and don’t get deterred from it, no matter what lies in the way. Obstacles will always come up before you achieve a goal. As your vibration is changing to reach the new vibration of the new goal, it can be weird in-between.

When you’re not quite there yet but not quite where you were, things will always go haywire. This tells you that you’ve made progress and things are changing! Most people stop right there and think the goal wasn’t meant to be and give up. But if they just kept going a little longer, they would’ve reached that goal!

The more you give in to the obstacles, the more obstacles will come your way next time.

Those with a growth mindset know they have to be flexible.

You must always change and grow as it becomes necessary, so you don’t get stuck in your ways.

You’ll always have to adapt along the way and make changes to your plan. Expect that ahead of time, so it doesn’t throw you off. Never let it stop you, so you can quickly adapt and move forward.

You may have a full plan in your head but only focus on one step at a time. You can’t always see every single step needed to fully reach a goal. You may have them in your mind, but things can change. Always focus on the next step you need to take and don’t overwhelm yourself thinking about all the rest of them still to come.

As you take one step, you’ll see the next step clearer. Just keep focusing on that next step, and you will be there before you know it!

Those with a growth mindset are always focused and don’t give in to obstacles.

You know it has to be non-negotiable. To reach a goal, you must be focused. Don’t give in to comfort or procrastinate — fight that and just get it done.

Know and expect that it will be uncomfortable, so never let that stop you. Be prepared and willing to be uncomfortable for a bit. Growth will always be uncomfortable. You can never grow in your comfort zone.

Those with a growth mindset also know that going for more than one big goal at a time can take power and energy away from each of them. So, put all your focus into one goal first then go to the next — focus and get things done!

Those with a growth mindset always have a new goal in mind as soon as they are close to reaching one goal.

Growth never stops and is always ongoing. So after you take some time to enjoy your accomplishment and to be proud of yourself, start towards the next one.

Remember that there is never an end all be all, you will never be happy “when…”

“When” will never come, because when you get there, there will always be another step and a new goal in mind. So, enjoy the journey along the way and stay present, in the moment.

Happiness is always found in the now, not the past or present. Always remember that. Always celebrate your accomplishments and past accomplishments!

This brings more accomplishment energy into your life, and will set the ball rolling for the next one. When you know you fought through and achieved the goal, you’ll have more confidence going forward and your next goal will be easier.

Those with a growth mindset always finish what they start.

The more goals you quit along the way, the more likely you will be to quit the next one.

Don’t ever make quitting an option! Break that cycle!

If you have to, start with small, reachable goals first to get that momentum back in the right direction and then build from there!

Make the most of this time on Earth by creating the life you really want, not just one you are settling for and have to numb yourself to get through it.

Originally written by Kristine Carlson on YourTango

Photo by Microsoft 365 on Unsplash


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