5 Business Ideas For Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Day


We’ve seen small businesses everywhere, from online to brick-and-mortar shops down the road. Everyone tries to start one, and we’ve probably thought about starting our own. Now that the world is finally opening up, there are many opportunities to promote your small business and sell your products. The United Nations even has a day dedicated to small businesses, which is on June 27. 

So, in honor of that day why not get started? 

What To Consider Before Starting a Business

Consider the resources you’ll need to start your business, including the materials, funding, and operational costs. Think about if you want to host your business on a web domain, or rent out a retail space to display your work. Additionally, consider the supply chain as well, which includes the shipping processes, the packaging, and the manufacturing processes. 

Small businesses require a large upfront investment, so  ensure that you have enough funds. You can always look into alternate sources of funding, such as funding from the government or other start-up programs.

As a business owner, you need to be self-motivated and determined. Set aside some weekly time to review your goals and sales. Be sure to also schedule time to respond to customer inquiries or bookings. In the end, you’ll need to sacrifice a lot of time in order to promote, upscale, and brand your business in a unique manner. 

But if you’re just starting from scratch and have other commitments, here are five business ideas you can consider: 

1. Used clothing web store 

Do you have a lot of used clothing in your wardrobe which you want to get rid of? Instead of throwing them away in the trash, consider reselling them online. For starters, take some high-quality pictures of you wearing the clothes. Then, make an Instagram account or a Depop account. Post the pictures along with the price tags. 

If you want more people to reach out, promote your account through your personal socials. You can also join Facebook groups dedicated to selling clothes around your community. 

2. Babysitting and Tutoring 

You’ve probably seen this option multiple times. But if you want to become a teacher, or looking for a quick summer gig, consider starting your own babysitting and tutoring business. You can promote your services via Kijiji, or other freelance tutoring or babysitting websites. You can also drop off some flyers at a local community center advertising your service (only if allowed). 

3. Run a blog. 

If you like writing about a variety of topics, consider making a blog. Then, you can share some of your tips and tricks with your readers. When you have enough subscribers, you can sell products like sweaters, t-shirts, and mugs. Blogging can also be a way to develop your own community, as you’ll befriend and network with others. 

4. Tea business 

You can also try to run a tea business. If you have a garden, you can grow some herbs which can be used in teas. Once you harvest them, you can buy a disposable tea filter bag to separate the herbal mixtures. In order to distinguish your brand, package the tea bags with your own customized design. It sounds difficult at first, but you’ll be surprised by the results. 

5. Eyelash technician and beauty services.

Have you ever gotten your nails done to the point where you’ve learned how to do them on your own? If so, start your own nail business! Though you may need certifications for beauty services, you can usually complete an eyelash technician course throughout the weekend. The start-up costs for these types of businesses are usually higher, but there is high demand. 

If you’re looking to start your own small business, consider giving these five businesses a try. Remember to invest in your resources well and continue to track your inventory. Also, be sure to respond to customers in a timely manner. You never know how much your business will grow, so it’s worth taking the initiative. 

Image by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels


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