Why You Need to Stop Taking Those ‘Artsy’ Pictures In Sunflower Fields

If you’ve been on social media for the past few years, then you know that every summer, in late July or early August, pictures of girls in sunflower fields swarm your feeds. These gorgeous fields are picturesque, and many of them are open for the public to enjoy.

But, when you’re visiting these public sunflower fields, you shouldn’t hold a photoshoot.

Yes, I know the pictures are unique and the flowers are stunning. As you stomp around, trying to get the best shot in the most perfect spot, you are damaging farmers’ fields.

These farmers work extremely hard to get their crops ready for a seasonal deadline. Unfortunately, most people don’t live in rural communities that understand farmers’ needs.  People who post these pictures are mainly from the city or suburbs and want to show that they are “one with nature.” They don’t know the amount of tedious work that goes into farming.

Stop being basic with your sunflower field selfies and respect the farmers.

Farmers are making headlines for asking the public to stop trespassing onto their properties to take pictures. I’m sure they’re flattered that people admire their work, but please stay in your car and admire from a distance. Do not hop over the fence. It’s no different than invading a stranger’s garden for a picture.

Some farms throughout North America have also begun charging entry fees for people who want to come, hang out, and enjoy the gorgeous view. In that case, please pay your fee, and feel free to do what the farmers want you to!

When you stop to see the sunflower fields, please mind other drivers on the road.

One farm in Canada, called Bogle Seeds, was open for only a week, after hundreds of vehicles caused a traffic jam over multiple lanes so people could get pictures. People stopped their cars and walked across the lanes just to get the right picture. The farm had to end the season immediately because of the complications people caused as they tried to take photos.

What has been a 48-year tradition for that farm soon turned into chaos and the unfortunate outcome of having to shut down after 8 days. In addition, once the farm closed, people continued to ambush the property from every corner and sneak through the fields in order for the owners and authorities not to catch them. This caused more damage, and it also broke the law.

Police can charge you with trespassing or unauthorized physical intrusion, as well as numerous other charges if you damage anything. It all depends on what you’re doing and your area’s specific bylaws. Plus, the farmers and owners can sue you, and a judge could find you liable for trespassing, even if there is no proof that you damaged anything.

So, please mind others and respect the law. Police arresting you for taking a selfie is extremely embarrassing, and you wouldn’t want that on your criminal record.

If you desperately want to fit in with the cool kids of Instagram, at least go to a sunflower field that’s open to the public to take your photos. It saves you a lot of legal trouble, and it is the safest option for you.

Featured Photo via Pexels.


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