5 Signs You Should Consider Leaving Your Partner

I have found that there are five main aspects you should look at when debating leaving your partner. These reasons are communication, loneliness, boredom, future, and respect. These five areas are the reasons I have found to leave him. So, I’ll share them in case someone else might need to reevaluate their relationship.

1. Communication has stopped

The key to any relationship is communication. So what happens when that communication begins to dwindle? Our first instinct is to reach back out and regain that connection. When we fail to make that connection, we begin to grasp at straws, desperate for that one thing we crave more than anything else v a closeness to another person. So when all that communication comes to a halt, it is not worth your time or your tears. Just leave. He clearly doesn’t wish to build a life with you.

2. You prefer to be alone

When communication is lacking, we are often left alone. The more time you spend alone, the more you feel like being single. Then, you might find you prefer alone time to his company. So if you feel more comfortable being alone than spending time with him, leave.

3. You’re bored

In conjunction with preferring to be alone, you will become bored. Nothing new will ever happen. The relationship will no longer be exciting. You will suggest dates you can go on together or activities in town that you think would be fun to attend together, but your partner will show no interest in your efforts. So, instead, you’ll sit at home watching the same show on Netflix. Then, boredom will lead to depression, and that’s unhealthy for everyone. So leave him behind. 

4. You no longer see a future together

Once upon a time, you saw a future together. You could imagine the wedding, the house, and the children. Then slowly, the communication stopped. You began to spend more time alone, and your efforts led you to boredom. Now the dream is fading until you no longer see a future with him. You no longer imagine the white wedding after the beautiful diamond engagement ring. So if you can’t see a future together, it’s time to leave him.

5. You’ve lost all respect for him

Finally, you’ve lost all respect for him. He stopped communicating even about what happened during his day. You began to become comfortable in your loneliness and even bored again. And all of this lack of communication and connection has led to a loss of respect. Well, my dear, if you can’t respect him, he won’t respect you. And you deserve to be respected and, above all, loved. 

So, if you have experienced these five aspects in your relationship, it might be time to reconsider being with your partner. Even if you just started to see some of these signs, take a good look at your relationship. I urge you to leave him and find someone who will love and respect you.

Featured image via RODNAE Productions on Pexels


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