Fantasy Suites Weren’t The Only Thing Heating Up On ‘The Bachelorette’ Last Night

It’s time to forgo our individual rooms and share our thoughts on last night’s Bachelorette Fantasy Suites episode.

With a term like “fantasy suites,” romance is to be expected, and last night’s episode definitely delivered. Becca and her suitors traveled to exotic Changmai, Thailand, where the l-word was being dropped left and right.

Let’s delve deep into the romance with some thoughts and tweets about last night’s episode!

First up, it’s Blake and Becca’s date (and Becca’s leg-wrapping greeting). They hike up to a temple where they are no longer allowed to kiss or touch once the threshold is passed. Judging by the fact that this date is with Blake, that is an extreme challenge. They also experience the common struggle of not knowing whether to look at the monk or his translator as they receive love advice, awkwardly darting their eyes and understanding nods in between both.

Blake is definitely, seriously anxious, but what normal person wouldn’t be in the insane situation that is The Bachelorette? Maybe I just relate to Blake and his fast-talking intensity. It’s clear that he tries to ease himself of it, but can’t quite accomplish it. I think his anxiety speaks to how much he genuinely does care for Becca. He tells Becca he doesn’t think “the other guys feel how he does” and I caught a fraction of dismay in her eyes as he said this. Thinking of Garrett, perhaps? While I think Becca really likes Blake, I don’t think she’s as all-in as he is at this point.

Blake’s “Um, yeah” to the preposition of forgoing individual rooms when he got the fantasy suite card was everything. I ship these two hard, if that isn’t clear by now. In the morning, Blake tells Becca “I’m not a nervous guy.” I like you, Blake, but I find that a little hard to believe.

Then there’s Jason.

Jason gets the classic “let’s aimlessly wander around this town square and try exotic foods” date, as someone always does. Though this is a low maintenance-date, Becca starts feeling panicked when she jokingly brings up a possible future of living at Jason’s high-rise in Seattle and abruptly leaves. Poor Jason is left just sitting and waiting in the Thailand heat, with no clue what’s going on.

The date then suddenly cuts to the evening portion, where Becca tells Jason she thinks something is off between them, and then proceeds to leave the table. Again, Jason is left understandably shook. When she returns, Becca gives a great breakup speech. And for his part, Jason gives a great give-our-love-a-chance speech. It doesn’t work, however, and he’s sent home. He’s obviously sad and frustrated, as anybody would be, but remains understanding and calm, and handles it well overall. What do you think? Jason for Bachelor?

Becca feels terrible, claiming she’s done to Jason what Arie did to her. Becca, you didn’t propose to Jason. You’re good.

Garrett’s date went much better, however.

Becca and Garrett go for a tranquil river raft through the Changmai countryside, until they realize it’s a national holiday and the river is packed with Thai people day-drinking. Aside from the raft traffic jams, this looked like a pretty lit river, honestly. Garrett jokes that they should move to Thailand, and Becca remains laughs along. Moving to Thailand with Garrett? All good. But Seattle high-rise with Jason? Panic attack.

“I sat back and watched you…” Becca says, of Garrett’s rafting skills, “it was a good view.” Guys, Becca’s got game. Why does she need this show to find love again?

They then have a dinner date and it’s romantic and he tells her he loves her and all that, but I’m just finding it hard to invest in these two. I’m really trying to separate Garrett and his Instagram antics from the sweet Garrett I’m seeing on my TV screen, but it’s hard. I am finally seeing some real chemistry between the two of them and I totally believe Garrett really cares for her, but for whatever reason they’re just not as interesting to watch as Blake and Becca.

But then….

Jason is back!!! What! This show rarely surprises me after all the time I’ve spent watching it (I have a life I swear), but I was actually shocked to see this. He comes back just to get closure from Becca and give a little bit of an audition to be the next Bachelor. Becca tells him she can’t give him a reason for why he’s not the one, but… It’s the hair, right?

Garrett and Blake are the two men left standing once it’s time for rose ceremony. Becca tells Chris Harrison, “I’m in love with both of them,” but says she won’t be saying it to either man until she makes her final decision. Unlike some past Bachelors we know… *cough* Ben Higgins *cough* Arie. Garrett says “Alls I want is her.” A sweet sentiment, ruined by a grammatical error. Becca calls Garrett first for the rose, and Blake immediately looks stressed.

The only thing I know for a fact is that Becca is an ethreal goddess who has somehow managed to make three men fall deeply in love with her in the course of a few weeks. I haven’t seen contestants this invested in a long time, and I can’t wait for the finale to see what her final decision will be!


  1. Blake: Okay, so I actually think Garrett is going to win but I’m putting Blake in my top spot because I like him more and a girl can dream, okay?! Both Blake and Garrett seem equally head-over-heels for Becca, so either way, she’s picking somebody who really loves her.

2. Garrett: I thought Becca seemed like she was leaning a little more towards Garrett in this episode. I think he might be at a better stage in his life to be with Becca and maybe Blake is a little too intense for her, so I have a feeling she might pick him. But I’m still #teamblake forever.

Next week, it’s the Men Tell All. Skip the wine and grab some tea instead, because you know the hot gossip is about to be revealed.

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