3 Reasons We’ll Never Stop Being Attracted To “Bad Boys”

We all know the nice guys, the office romances, the nerds, the gym rats, the Mr. Big-Shots, and of course, the “bad boys.” The “bad boys” constantly get in trouble, bad-mouth others, and love to rebel. But not every “bad boy” is an awful person, which is part of what makes them all so charming. Tyler Durden from Fight Club, James Dean’s character from Rebel Without a Cause, and Heath Ledger’s character from 10 Things I Hate About You charm us with their confidence, fearlessness, and rebellion. Here are three reasons why we never stop being attracted to the “bad boys:” 

1. They’re confident.


“Bad boys” know that they’re irresistible, they know they can take risks and still come out looking cool. They throw caution to the wind when the rest of us would be afraid to, and they speak their minds. “Bad boys” tell you the truth – whether it’s nice or not. We all want someone who’s confident enough to embark on daring adventures and speak his mind too! 

2. They don’t conform.

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Our favorite “bad boys” don’t give a damn about the rules or what other people think, and when society tries to put us in “boxes,” the idea of living without rules is really tempting. They make up their own standards, and that’s pretty attractive. Most of us think of “bad boys” as wearing leather jackets and combat boots and riding motorcycles when most other guys wear jeans and T-shirts and drive cars. “Bad boys” clearly stand out, and we’re drawn to them because we notice them.   

3. They challenge us. 


Life is boring when no one challenges us, which is why so many of us want the “bad boys.” “Bad boys” are exciting and love to live on the edge. They challenge us to think about life in ways we never thought we could and sway us to get a little bit rebellious ourselves. “Bad boys” are an escape for us because they challenge our beliefs and help us feel sexy, confident, and comfortable taking risks. 

“Bad boys” remind us to loose every once in a while – especially when we’re sick of being put-together, proper, and professional. After all, it’s hard to be “good” all the time, especially because that’s what society constantly expects of women. The most irresistible guy is a “bad boy” who is a good man “at heart.”

Photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash


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