How I Changed Both My Eating And Exercise Habits For The Better

Altering your diet slightly to more fish and plant-based meals can have many perks. When people ask me, “Is this how you eat all the time?” I respond, “It’s a way of life and a lifestyle change I wanted to make with my partner.” About a year ago, I was eating unhealthily and rarely working out. I may have been thin in appearance, but if you’d looked at my insides they wouldn’t have looked too fine. Back then, my diet would have consisted of items like queso dip, Cape Cod potato chips with Dean’s onion dip, alcoholic beverages (6 per week), sweets (cookies, pies, cakes, frozen yogurt), sushi, pizza, and buttery/creamy sauces.

Sure, all that food tasted great going down. About half an hour later, though, I’d be in the bathroom having “issues” thanks to all that food I really should not have been eating.  It started to become a pattern I didn’t know how to conquer. I decided I was done feeling guilty the next morning after eating an entire bag of chips and a carton of ice cream the night before. I knew I had to stop before I developed some serious health-related issues.

This is the plan of action I took…

  1. Downloaded My Fitness Pal app- I log every single item of food I eat. It’s a great way to keep track of your diet, especially during busy days.
  2. Buy a Food Scale- This has been a lifesaver for me! You can pick up a scale at major retailers like Walmart for just under $20. Pro tip: Make sure it has a glass top because it’s a lot easier to clean than bamboo or wood.
  3. Find a Workout Buddy-In the beginning of my transformation, having the support was really crucial for me. Zach is my workout buddy and we really help to motivate each other.
  4. Find Someone Who Inspires You Within The Fitness World: My fitness motivation is Avital Cohen. I follow her on Instagram so I can see photos of what she eats, how she works out, and the body transformation she has made.

Now, almost 3 months into my clean eating lifestyle, I have made some huge strides.

For starters, working out has become very important to me, so I make it a habit to workout 5-6 days/week for 1 hour/day. I have also cut out all alcohol, simplex carbs, juices, sodas, beef, and most dairy products. I have 3 snacks and 3 strictly portioned meals that include a cup of veggies. Whenever I get invited to a dinner party with friends, I make sure I have eaten before, and if I’m still hungry I’ll have something small, carefully selecting the healthiest option. In addition, 

I’m already seeing the benefits of my new lifestyle. I do not get tired during the day, meaning I feel more energized and relaxed. Also as you age, it’s no lie that your energy level starts to decline, but there are supplements you can take to help keep your energy high. I can also go on the elliptical for about 30 minutes on level 20 (the highest level) without feeling out of breath. And, bonus to eating healthy: your sex life will dramatically skyrocket (like, take how many times you “get busy” in a week and multiply it by 5!) It does take a ton of discipline to stick with your diet and exercise plans, but once you do and see the results, you will be so happy the next time you check yourself out in that mirror!

Feature Image by bruce mars on Unsplash



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