What You Need to Know About Xxxtentacion’s Controversial Death

On June 18th rap artist, Xxxtentacion, was shot to death in Florida. Not only were his music and public antics controversial, but the aftermath of his death has now become equally as newsworthy for numerous reasons.

This is what you need to know about why Xxxtentacion’s is being so heavily discussed and debated in the news.

It Was Recorded On Video and Made Viewable to the Public

Because it was posted to social media before he officially died in hospital after being shot, fans were able to see the disturbing scene of the riot that occurred. They could also identify other artists who were there at the time as well as a detailed timeline of the death.

The Divided Opinion of the Public

While many fans of the 20 year old, whose given name is Jahseh Onfroy, and many up-and-coming artists are mourning the loss of the potential talent who has passed too soon, several people are reminding supporters why they shouldn’t feel upset for his loss because of his troubled past.

Fans are still defending his actions and claiming that he genuinely wanted to change his life around because in recent months the rappers expressed an urge to change his ways and try to clear his name. But many are pointing out that he’s an unforgivable person despite the recent efforts. He also has a reputation to weakly express remorse for his actions, whether they were alleged or admitted.

Many people aren’t expressing any remorse over his passing and are making claims that “a monster with that kind of history deserves to die.” They are also calling out the rapper who used his depression as an excuse as to why he did some of the things he’s done in the past.

His Legal History Is Largely Responsible For The Hatred

  • 2013, age 15 – assaulted a woman while on camera, no charges made
  • 2014, age 16 – was sent to a youth detention center for a year on gun possession charges
  • July 2016, age 18 – arrested and charged with robbery and assault with a deadly weapon
  • July 2016, age 18 – arrested and charged of false imprisonment, witness tampering, and aggravated battery of a pregnant victim (his girlfriend at the time)

The details surrounding the assault of Geneva Ayala, his ex girlfriend, are gruesome to say the least. He slapped her and broke her phone for complimenting a male friend, stomped on her, it her with plastic hangers, held her under running water in the bath tub and threatened to penetrate her with a BBQ pitch fork and to chop off her tongue. Most seriously: he punched her repeatedly in the face until her left eve remained closed, drew blood and left her blind in that eye.

He also got into numerous altercations with fans while at concerts, resulting in aggressive fights and multiple stabbings. As a result of his known history to violence at his shows, venue’s refused to let him perform, resulting in more riots to be had in the streets.

People are mainly defending the victims, particularly Ayala.

People Claim He’s Faking His Own Death

In an Instagram Live video he posted a month before his passing, he almost hinted that he knew his time on Earth wouldn’t be for much longer, saying, “If I’m gonna die or ever be a sacrifice, I wanna make sure that my life made at least 5 million kids happy or they found some sort of answers or resolve in my life.” It’s as if he was predicting his own death or “warning” fans.

Because it was filmed, fans are also arguing that it wasn’t truly him in the video because things didn’t add up to reality, such as, the large tattoo’s on the rappers face were missing, and you could only see him get assaulted from the front, not he back of his body.

Clue’s that this may be fabricated include:

  • There was also no blood on his clothes, which there obviously would be in a shooting
  • His Instagram account changed hours after his “death”
  • Manager has yet to comment to the public
  • His album is called “no pulse” and you could hear the artist say “no pulse” in the video
  • He’s infamously tried to fake his own death before

So many are assuming he’s doing this as a publicity stunt for his new album.

Regardless if you were inspired by his lyrics, believed in him as a person, question others who could support someone with a past like his or despised him for the unthinkable thing’s he’s done, this news story turned out to be a lot larger than we expected and sadly won’t be leaving our timeline’s anytime soon.

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