10 Tools You Need To Become A Better Content Creator

It is the age of analyzing and overanalyzing reader behavior on the Internet. The studies all show that very few readers care enough to read through the entirety of any article that they see on the web. Dismaying, really.

Yes, we get it. The readers are too busy anyway to do more than hit ‘share’ without giving your post a read or skimming through it. However, that does not mean that you will not be able to make anyone read your content. The precious few who stick to the very end of a post – the loyalists, in content marketing lingo – are dwindling too. If you want to hold on to them and increase their flanks, then maybe it is time you do something about it.

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We are all oh-so-familiar with the hue and cry about dishing out ‘quality’ content and looking for ways to liven up our posts. So we can attract more readers and make them stay on our websites long enough for those rankings to shoot through the roof. But what are we actually doing about it, apart from polishing marketing tactics that have been done to death?

Here is the solution to all problems: improve the quality of content, and you will have a beeline of readers on your webpage, all seeking that ONE viral article so they can share and Tweet about it too. So why not help them in doing that by making use of some of the best online tools to buff up your content to perfection?

10 tools to help you with creating better content

Better content is enough to break the Internet, if leading market surveys are anything to go by. Word is that content marketers are getting smarter, so here are 10 most effective tools that will help you keep pace with them. You will be able to create, curate and edit awesome content using the following tools, so give them a try to see which works best for you!

Tools for effective research

Great content starts with a great idea. Here are some of the best online tools that can help you create and develop ideas for funnier and more fascinating posts that have the readers hooked from the beginning till the end!

  1.  BuzzSumo

If you want to be at par with other content marketers, you simply have to try BuzzSumo. It is one of those tools that make sure you do not ramble when writing on a particular topic. It is just a no-hassle and straightforward tool for creating trending topics for your posts. Once you search for a topic on BuzzSumo, it returns all the leading posts on the same with separate lists for targeted keywords so you can filter your research accordingly. It helps you see what’s trending and creates a superb list of topics for your next post in tune with the search that you key in.

  1.  OneTab

OneTab is more of a research organisation tool more than anything. We often tend to forget that one of the best time-saving practices is to become organised in everything that you do. OneTab helps you to do just that by consolidating all the links into one single link and displaying them all as a list so you can take your pick. It also has plenty of other amazing organisational options such as saving links according to groups or topics and the like. Researching will be an easy breeze once you introduce OneTab in your way of life.

  1.  Ideaflip

Ideaflip is ideal for toying over ideas, literally. An online tool with an interactive and visual interface, Ideaflip allows you to focus on an idea from all possible angles. It also helps you to play around with it and develop it further so that you can actually see your thoughts coming to life on an interactive interface. A modern take on the old school method of writing down ideas on paper and then developing a stance from it, Ideaflip simply takes it a bit further and enables you to brainstorm digitally.

Tools for streamlining content

Smart editing, revisions, and proofreading make all the difference between good and great content. Here are some of the best content editing and proofreading tools available online.

  1.  ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid does what a trustworthy editing and writing help tool can – it highlights the areas where you have made mistakes in your copy. What makes it even more awesome and worthy of mentioning in this list is that it also suggests insightful improvements for style and tone. It helps you write for the audience and suggests several proofreading and editing techniques for making your copies crisper than before.

  1.  Plagiarism Detectors

Enabling you to figure and weed out all the unoriginal portions in your document, online plagiarism checker is superb indeed. They scan your documents against the web pages on the Internet and highlight the areas that are similar of matching to some other post or news. Some of the plagiarism detectors available online sometimes provide you with plagiarism reports that certify the originality of your text. A simple search on the Internet will give you a list of good plagiarism detectors. There are some websites that gives good opportunity for plagiarism checking.

6.  Readability Test Tool

Testing readability all by yourself using archaic formulae and calculations is archaic indeed. However, you are now blessed with the abundant resource on the Internet. So you can always check out the Readability Test Tool to see how palatable your writing will be for your target audience. It accepts inputs by text, URL or referrer, so you can put your content to test at any time and from anywhere. You will also get free readability analysis reports with each scan that you run, so go check yours right now!

Tools for creating content collabs

The way to better content also lies in knowing how to manage your tasks deftly and keeping an eye out for scheduling them like a pro! Here are the tools you can use for managing and organising what you write.

7.  Trello

Trello takes collab and task assigning to a different level altogether with the various organising and scheduling resources that it offers. It gives you options to manage and assign tasks as well as to set deadlines through its fun and easy-to-use interface. You can use cCards for each lList that you create on Trello to keep the details about the same organised and easy to find. Setting deadlines, adding attachments and commenting on earlier tasks can also be done on Trello.

  1.      Hootsuite

If you are having trouble publishing your posts for you keep forgetting when it is time to go public, you need Hootsuite in your life. Scheduling posts can become as easy as a walk in the park with its amazing Instagram options that help you schedule your posts in advance. Simply engage yourself in other tasks after your posts are fully prepared and leave Hootsuite to remind you when it is time to get them live, all with a notification.

Tools for SEO and analytics

Of course, SEO and analytics matter. It is only when they hit the right note with great content that success comes knocking at your door. Here are the tools that you can try for keeping track of these two indispensable factors.

  1.      Yoast SEO

WordPress users swear by the Yoast plugin, and if you try it once, you will definitely repeat it! One of the most resourceful tools for content marketers on the Internet in current times, Yoast SEO gives you a full-blown report on the great and not-so-great factors about your content. The Yoast plugin does a lot actually, including highlighting the areas within your content that need improvement for better SEO optimisation as well as detailing the areas in your content that rock.

  1.  Google Analytics

Undoubtedly, the coolest analytics tool, Google Analytics aids you in improving your content by measuring engagement metrics. It measures the page views, bounce rates, average session durations and prepares a detailed report on the same. You can easily identify the areas that need more focus.

From helping you research about topic ideas to scheduling your publishing and collab tasks, online tools can help you do all that can make your content a whole lot better. With the help of these 10 suggested tools, you can easily champion the stress that ensues when required to compose a copy that MUST ensnare readers and make them read the post until the very end.

Lure them in with visual content and smart one-liners, and make use of the tools effectively to have amazing content that your readers will have a hard time taking their eyes off from, making your click-through-rates soar higher! Happy writing!

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


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