11 Organization Apps That’ll Help You Get Your Life Together

With thousands of apps out there and so many different ways of communication, it seems almost impossible to keep everything together. You may not schedule a doctor’s appointment until a few months after you need to, and you may drive on a questionable tire for just a little too long, all because they are the last thing on your mind.

I have gone through and grabbed some of the best apps to help you stay organized (besides your well-known tools like Google calendar or Dropbox) in all aspects of life. Here are 11 apps that may just help you get your shit together:

  1. Evernote

Personal Account: Free

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Evernote can create, organize, and store different types of media files. In that sense, it is pretty similar to Google Drive or Dropbox. What makes it a stand out app is that it really focuses on the creation part. Making notes and having them saved in the same place just takes one step out of your process and saves you from digging around your thousands of files to upload it.

  1. Procraster


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This is a great app for people who tend to get overwhelmed when they look at their to-do list. If you start with the simple easy tasks because you are intimidates, this will be the perfect addition to your life. You enter your list, choose a mindset that matches your own, and then procraster gives advice about how to go about it and keeps you on track.

  1. Remember The Milk


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Remember the milk is another to-do list app. The great thing about this one is that you can

have it notify you and it can text you, email you, even remind you through twitter. It is compatible with so many platforms and you can make sublists, smart lists, etc. It is a list maker’s dream.

  1. Mint


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Mint is the perfect app for those who want to keep their financials organized. You can create budgets, track your bills, and keep track of your credit score (they also give you suggestions on how to improve it.) You can get alerts on unusual charges and you can get notifications on upcoming bills. If you are skeptical about putting all of that information in an app, it is through the same company that makes Turbotax.


  1. HomeZada


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This app is perfect for keeping everything home related organized. You can track your insurance, maintenance, remodeling, and home financials. You can inventory your home, schedule all of your home maintenance, and have it send you reminders to get those done.


  1. The Vault (not to be confused with “Vault” app)


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With the new rules on a lot of sites where they force you to change your password every six months, this app is perfect. You can keep all of your passwords in one place. You can also store private and important files here. It is a really simple, easy app to use but it is well protected and useful!

  1. Habit List


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The cool thing about the Habit List is the flexible scheduling daily trackers. Whether it’s something you want to do once a week, or six times a day, you can easily set that up. It is just a simple way to help you create good habits. You can show the streaks of when you’ve completed your tasks and when you haven’t and to analyze your progress. It color coats your tasks to show you whether you’ve slacked or stayed on track with that particular task.

  1. 24me

(My Personal Favorite on The List)


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Do you feel like you need a personal assistant to get your life together? Well, look no further. 24me is a personal assistant app that can do a majority of what you would ask someone to do for you. It can do so many things for you including: Smart alerts: (ex: good morning message with reminder of what is on your plate that day) listing tasks, notes, and events on your calendar. They are managed right there, like: traffic and conference calls. This app  is on top of everything!

  1. Google Keep


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Google Keep is good for notes, lists and photos. The nice thing is that you can color code things by category so they are easy to find. You can set recurring reminders on things you do often and you can set location based reminders like having your shopping list automatically pull up as soon as you get to the store.

  1. Things


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This is your all over organization app. This app has some unique features though. When your schedule changes you can just drag and drop to your new time. This app is praised for being really pleasing to apple users and and really user friendly. This is for someone really serious about their organization but it is top notch.

  1. Sortly

Regular Plan: Free

Plus Plan: $4.99 a month

Pro Plan: $30 a month

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This is perfect for managing inventory whether it is at home or you have a small business. Perfect for organizing if you are trying to move as well. You can also take photos, tag your items, take notes, and scan the barcode.

Every one of the Apps brings something a little different to the table. Whether you are hyper organized already or an absolute hot mess, there are multiple options to step up your game.

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash


  1. Yaaaas. I love organization apps so much ha-ha. I’ll deffs try out a few I haven’t from this list yet, thanks for sharing!


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