How Your Small Town Can Be Just As Fun As A Big City

Published by Livi Burke.

When I was a kid, my dad was in the military. We moved pretty frequently because of his job. I always wanted to be one of those military kids that got to move to awesome foreign countries like Germany, England and France, but unfortunately for me, that was never the case. All of the places my family and I were stationed in were very small towns that were far from exciting.

I never thought about trying to explore the small town that I lived in…I always just assumed there wasn’t much to do here since I didn’t live it large in New York City or Los Angeles. It wasn’t until I started following bloggers like Carly (The College Prepster) and Sarah Vickers (Classy Girls Wear Pearls), that I realized that you didn’t have to live in a big fancy city to find fun places and events. One of the things that I love about Carly’s blog is that no matter where she is, she always manages to find something amazing to do there, and make it look so great that I want to pick up all my things and move there myself.

Because of this newfound inspiration, I have been going to festivals, farms, floral boutiques, and much more. Who knew there was so much to do in my little town in North Carolina.

So, if you are feeling inspired to explore your small town, here is my advice to you…

1) Use your resources

One of the biggest things I realized when I started looking for fun events was how many great tools and resources there are that could help me with my search. Websites like TripAdvisor and Eventbrite are great for anyone who wants to find something fun to do in their local area. You can use these sites to search for everything from five-star restaurants to music festivals! You’d be surprised at how much is going on in your own backyard.

2) Step out of your comfort zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone is so important, especially when exploring your local town. I would not have experienced even half of the things I have recently experienced if I hadn’t branched out and attempted something new. If there is something that seems exciting but also pretty scary, try to overcome those fears and go for it anyway! Does skydiving seem fun but super terrifying? Go for it! Who knows, you might end up loving it.

3) Just Dive in

I am someone who loves planning. I love making lists, scheduling events, and making sure I know exactly what is going to happen every second of the day. Even though I do like planning, I have found that the best memories are made when you don’t focus so much on little details. Don’t be afraid to go that last minute road trip or to see that new band you’ve been hearing about perform.

Sarah Vickers and her fiance Kiel James Patrick live in Newport, Rhode Island. All I really knew about Rhode Island before following Sarah and Kiel was that the state is so small that you can drive all the way across it in about an hour. Sarah and Kiel’s photos have proven to me that there is something to do in every town.

Sometimes your next big adventure is right in your own backyard. So before you go back to daydreaming about Drake concerts in LA and eating pizzas in the big apple, see what you can find in your own local area.

Featured image via ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels



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