I Wonder What My Career Would Be If I Didn’t Have A Disability

I get asked this question very often “If it wasn’t for your cerebral palsy what would be your career choice?” At first, I thought this question was insulting, since I love my life as is.

However people have always been curious about what I would do if I have the ability to do absolutely anything in the world. Well I would have enlisted in the military as soon as I turned 18 years old. From a young age I’ve had high respect for the men and women who fight our Freedom.

In our time today, this is something people forget about when living in America and freedom is something some Americans seem to take for granted. I think it’s important we try our best to always remember that people have fought for our freedom. Liberty isn’t something you get for free that is the truth, because someone is always paying the price for us to be able to enjoy everyday life as we much as we can and as we do.

It takes a lot of toughness to be in the military and a lot of respect for our country altogether. These people are willingly putting their lives on the line, knowing the danger they might head into, and leaving their own families to also fight for ours.

After all fighting for something that I believe in like freedom, well this is  something I’ve wanted to do. Even now I do my best to fight for what I believe in, in the ways I can and I have always been an overachiever in everything I do in life.

When I think about this career, I would have worn that uniform with pride as I would fight for the rights I believe we should have and we deserve as Americans. I want the rights for the people I fight for to be upheld an for these people back home not to have to worry. I will stand up for them, doing what needs to be done to protect us.

I also believe in fighting for what you believe in life, because in life you can’t be given everything for free, or get what you want without fighting and standing up for what’s right. Whether it is doing something to change the things that are happening your community, or fighting to bring awareness to a cause that means something to you.

I have always fought my own battles in my own way from the time I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy until now, so, in a way I have always been a soldier with all the obstacles I faced in my life. Along with that, I love to travel a lot, and the military would have given me the opportunity to see the world. I would have liked to have been stationed in Italy, or Japan, because I love sneakers and technology. But also I’m curious to see how different the creatures are in different places. Though he main reason why I would join the military is that Freedom ain’t free, every single day we are able to wake up and live our life to the best of our abilities it because someone in a uniform is stationed away from the people that love them most .

As I go to Wawa Gas station every day with my laptop, I sit down with veterans, and I like to hear their stories and get to know them as the strong heroes they are, but always I thank them for giving up their freedom to allow us America citizens to be free.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash


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