5 Trending Tweets From This Week That Will Shock You

Check out some of the best tweets of this week, ranging from full on funny, to throwing shade, and all the way to straight up crazy! In case you missed any, we scoured Twitter to bring you some of the best of this week. The first week of May did NOT disappoint.

1. Marco Rubio’s intern insult

Marco Rubio tweeted about a recent article published by Politico. The article was written by an intern. Rubio took no time to blame the intern who wrote the article and was quick to defend himself.

The best part about this isn’t Rubio whining about the Politico article, its Monica Lewinsky! The infamous former White House Intern wasted no time to clap back at Rubio.

2. Demi Lovato’s latest shade

Keeping with the theme of shade, Demi Lovato was shading the hell out of someone on Twitter. No one really knows who she’s referring too, but we would NOT want to be on that person.

3. Kim K’s latest discovery

Kim Kardashian made an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, this week to talk about Kanye’s crazy twitter spree and speak out against Tristan Thompson. Petty Kim Kardashian is the best Kim K.

4. Kanye has feelings?

Kanye West was all over the media this week, from pledging his support to Donald Trump to his wild TMZ interview. But the craziest thing might have been when his mother’s doctor wrote an open letter and then Kanye TWEETED it. Safe to say this is the most sane Kanye West tweet of the week. Although, it is kind of a sweet sentiment.

5. Trump being Trump. Although….

This time he’s encouraging all of his loyal followers that the White House is not nearly in as much disarray as reported by the media. We’ll plead the fifth on that one.

5. Chrissy Teigen’s latest blunder

Chrissy Teigen is one of the BEST people to follow on Twitter. She is entertaining and funny. But discovering that John was nominated for a Tony for a song he wrote for the Spongebob Squarepants broadway musical, she had no idea about takes the cake.

That’s all for the top tweets for the first week of May. The celebrity drama and political kept it all the more interesting. Be sure to check in next month and we’ll be able to show you what you might’ve been missing. Also, please be sure to follow Unwritten’s twitter for a fantastic feed addition!

Featured image via Pretty Little Liars screengrab


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