Why You MUST Listen To Ed Sheeran’s New Album If You Haven’t Already

In the event you’re living under a rock and haven’t heard the news, Ed is back my friends and he is better than ever!

Over the weekend Ed Sheeran dropped his latest album “÷” AKA divide, following his previous two albums, “+” and “x”, (AKA plus and multiply) that catapulted the crooner to worldwide celebrity status. I mean, who could forget that mushy gushy beautiful single “Thinking Out Loud” that won him the Grammy for song of the year?

Shortly after that success, Sheeran disappeared off the radar without a cellphone and travelled the world (or so he says). But take one listen to the latest album from Sheeran and it doesn’t seem like the craziest claim. Divide is chock full of tracks that make you feel like you’re travelling the world too.

Some people just aren’t a fan of his music, and that’s okay. But incase you want to try something new and expand your musical taste, here’s why you should give Ed Sheeran’s album a listen:

The First Two Singles

Back in January, Ed teased us with two lead singles. Firstly, there’s “Shape of You”, a electro-pop single with tropical-house vibes. It channels Justin Bieber and Kygo’s latest works and was initially written for Rihanna! It’s currently number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and shows no signs of stopping. The second was “Castle on the Hill” which channels some serious Coldplay vibes about missing home. Either way both songs are absolute bangers and one’s we can relate to.

As soon as those two tracks hit the airwaves, I couldn’t wait for more. Ed, let me tell you, THE WAIT WAS WORTH IT.

The Way He Lets Us Travel The World Through Song

This album takes us on a global journey like no other. There are songs that feature the hallmarks of Irish folk music, like “Galway Girl” and “Nancy Mulligan”. “Barcelona” is a feel good track that will make you wish you were on the beach, especially with lyrics like this — “Drinking Sangria, mi niña, te amo mi cariño”. There is also “Bibia Bi Ye Ye” which features the Ghanian dialect Twi and is a total turn from the other tracks on the album.

The Classic Break Up Song

Ed also throws us a track that is perfect for your post breakup rage. “New Man” features him singing about someone who’s moved on to the worst kind of guy you could imagine, one with a bleached asshole, who has a presumably awful tribal tattoo, and that spends WAY too much on clothes. Even if you don’t have an ex like the man described, it will give you a solid chuckle as you listen.

The Tough and Lowkey Aggressive Attitude

In my opinion, one of the can’t miss tracks of the album is “Dive” a pop-blues song that gives serious John Mayer vibes. The song shows off a side of Sheeran that we don’t often see, one with a little more grit. And of course, the chorus will speak right to anyone’s heart  — “Don’t call me baby unless you mean it/Don’t tell you me you need me if you don’t believe it”. The. Shade. Is. Real. People.

The Beautiful Song About His Grandma We Can All Relate To

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Ed Sheeran album without some tracks to rip your heart right out and leave you with tears streaming down your face. “Supermarket Flowers” is a beautiful and heart wrenching track about his grandmother. While he was recording this album she had been sick in the hospital just a few minutes away from where he was working out of, so he saw her everyday and was extremely thankful for it. I dare you not to cry listening to this one.

And The Obvious Love Songs

What would a list about Ed Sheeran be without talking about love? As we’ve all seen in the news, he’s in a new relationship with a woman he’s grown up with his entire life – just like a movie! Among other love songs on the album, “Perfect” is about finding that new love. And it’s so damn cute. Ugh I love that he’s in love so we can share his happiness, even if it’s only for 3 minutes.

All in all “Divide” has a little something for everyone and it’s unlike his previous albums, yet stays true to who he is. Although some people may not like his sound, this album is a perfect example of how an artist can grow, and Ed Sheeran has grown into an extremely talented and creative man behind the mic.

You can find the entire tracklist and listen to the entire album on Spotify here:

Featured image via “Ed Sheeran” by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer / CC BY-SA 2.0


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