Stock Up Ladies: This Company Sells Rosé In Capri Sun Pouches

When it comes to getting boozy in the summertime, you can bet your last dollar that I want it to be in a fun way. What’s more fun than throwing it back to your childhood days and stabbing a juice box with a straw a la Capri Sun-style? Seriously, imagine yourself floating around a pool on a pink pink flamingo raft with refreshingly cold juice box in hand… Now imagine taking a sip of that juice box and tasting your favorite rosé as your other hand adjusts your sunglasses.

We all love a good throwback treat, such as Walmart’s recent release of $7 Dunkaroo copycats, so why not throw our favorite wine treat into a pouch and let the games begin? Lucky for us (and our summer vacation plans) a company called “Electric Rosé” sells six-packs of Rosé in juice pouches just like the pouches your momma used to pack in your 5th-grade lunch box only this time, for adults only.

These pouches aren’t packed with as much pink sugar water as you might think. They actually hold 12.5 percent% alcohol in each single serve pouch. Yep, you definitely read that right. An entire 6 pack holds approximately 1.5 bottles of high- quality rosé wine.

If you’re not already jumping out of your seat to add these babies to your shopping list, keep reading there’s more. To make matters even sweeter, Electric Rosé donates part of their proceeds from every single pack purchase to Water2Wines. The organization helps create more sustainable water all over the world. So, basically, you get to have some boozy fun, get buzzed from a cute, durable juice box, and you get to help save the world all with one purchase.

Right now, they’re primarily being sold along the North East Coast in the United States, but anyone over the age of 21 can check the company’s website for updates to see if these bad boys are available in a store near you. Try reaching out to them over social media to see if they plan on branching out towards you anytime soon and be sure to let us know. Cheers!

Originally published on PizzaBottle

Featured image via Electric Wine Co. on Instagram


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