Why Life Is About Growing Up From Every Fall That Brings You Down

Ever since I graduated high school, I knew a world was waiting for me: something that was yet to be discovered. It is intricate you know, trying not to think about all those things that scare you off. Adult life may seem easy. The charm of independence and being on your own. But no one tells you about the reality, the unforgiving truth. No one prepares you for it. It is as if you’re about to board a plane not knowing where it will take you and for how long.

Hey, if you are a teenager who’s about to fulfill his aspirations and goals, give this a read. I certainly am not here to frighten you with the harsh realities of life, they are here and they will always be. Life will bring you both good and bad days. The good ones might pass like fresh breezy wind, all blown away in no time. Whereas the bad may feel harder to absorb. Nevertheless, it is up to you. How well you face every trial that life throws at you, no matter how big.

I was 18 when I enrolled myself into an engineering university, something that I always wanted to become, an engineer. Just two months later, life happened. In simpler words, the bad days started to come. How we see a high school from the outside is so different from what happens inside. The continuous pressure of studies, the never-ending competition, the battle for securing the highest GPA and so on.

I was moved to see how my closest friends turned bitter only for the sake of stupid career race that we were all fighting for. It broke me. I lost friends. Lost track of my studies. On the other hand, I had parents who expected the world from me. Who expected me to stand out. Yes, I was here for them but this was all a little too much for me.

Therefore, every day I would wake up, think of all of this as a bad day, and move on. Each day battling life little by little. In the beginning, I thought spending time alone would be hard. But as I did, I discovered myself more and met a beautiful inner version who was waiting to be heard.

I didn’t know I could find a friend in my own individual self. I began to write, everything I would say to someone, everything I felt about my surroundings. I wrote all the words I wanted to be heard. It felt peaceful. Just as my scribbled thoughts imprinted on those pieces of paper, I felt at peace.

Now, fast forward to four years later. I have graduated, have a job, and got myself out of the competitive race I was falling prey to. Life is all about growing up from every fall that brings you down. It doesn’t matter if you take time to reach your goals, never ever think you’ve failed.

We’re all imperfect. Some of us are hurt, broken down, scarred in ways we never imagined. But just don’t give up. Don’t stop loving that beautiful inside self of yours. Bad days may stay a little longer, but trust me, they won’t stick forever.

Featured image via Andrew Ly on Unsplash


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