The Only Facts You Need To Know About Bisexuality & Pansexuality

Sexuality has become more fluid in recent years and more important than ever to talk about. There is a variety of terms and additions that make our rainbow all the more beautiful. Though whether you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community, or trying to be a well-informed ally, sometimes all this knowledge can be overwhelming. It’s important to come to understand terms at your own pace while you explore a new world or even yourself. So, today we’re gonna expand our vocabulary and learn a little bit more about the fascinating world of sexuality.

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Bisexuality is someone who feels attraction to people of multiple genders. People who have a bisexual orientation can experience sexual, emotional, and affectional attraction to both their own sex and the opposite sex

  • Bi in Latin means two, and it’s greek variant di means two as well. This is the start of the term’s creation which before recent discoveries meant men and women. However the term today can have slight variations to include people of all gender identities depending on the individual.
  • Being bisexual doesn’t mean you can’t be in a committed relationship
  • Being bisexual doesn’t mean you’re more likely to cheat

FYI – attraction and cheating are different things entirely. To make it easy to understand being able to be attracted to more than one gender doesn’t mean, you will be. It’s also good to know that appreciating someone’s physical features doesn’t equal being attracted to them sexually.

There’s a common theme of not wanting to date a bisexual because of the above statements. It’s a ridiculous notion when you think about it, not wanting to date someone because you’re unable to accept the fact they are capable of loving more than one gender. You’re capable of loving more than one person, regardless of your sexuality. So it’s time to put that cruel and silly statement to rest.

  • Bisexual individuals can have a preference but not always
  • Being bisexual does not mean you have to be in a relationship with multiple people. The difference is easy, polyamory or open relationships (these two terms do not mean the same thing) are types of relationships, not sexual orientations.
  • You can definitely be bisexual and be attracted to all genders / non-binary people. How? Because that’s what they decided being bisexual means to them. To make it easier to understand, in recent years sexuality has really grown and allowed more people to come forward with their stories. This has lead to new discoveries and terms!
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Pansexuality refers to someone who feels sexual attraction, romantic love, or emotional attraction toward people of any sex or gender identity.

  • Pansexuality can also be called omnisexuality which just means: involving, related to, or characterized by a diverse sexual propensity.
  • Pan in Greek means all or every, and Omni means all as well.
  • Being pansexual is a branch of bisexuality but, for those who choose this term, there is a difference. Remember to respect people’s choices.
  • Being pansexual has nothing to do with souls if you love someone’s soul that’s great though. Someone may use that to explain why they choose pansexual as what they identify as but it’s their reason, not the definition of pansexuality as a whole. Refer to the definition of pansexuality if confused.
  • Pansexual individuals do not have a preference of gender and it has no relevance in their attraction. This is where some people explain it as being gender blind.
  • Pansexuals do not seek to erase bisexuality. Bisexual erasure is a real and damaging thing.
  • The all statement in pansexuality does not extend to things other than people. Pansexuality describes only consensual adult sexual behaviors.

Now, people tend to get a bit confused and assume that these two terms can’t coexist. That’s not true at all. (Fun fact my best friend is bisexual and I’m pansexual) See, the thing about sexuality is that it’s fluid and always growing with us as we evolve. The way I look at these two is as if one’s a parent, and the other’s a child. Bisexuality gave birth to pansexuality, and for some people, one term is the term that they feel best represents them. That’s literally it my friends, some terms simply suit an individual better and guess what? That’s okay.

Regardless of what term you choose, if you choose one at all, a lot of times people are gonna be curious what you mean when you talk about your sexuality. It’s pretty likely you’re gonna have to give the same talk over multiple times but that’s cool. At least for me, I’m happy to continue the conversation if someone is willing to learn, and listen. I don’t want to drive people away from this amazing community, I want to help people understand it.

What terms do you want to know more about? Share with us below!

In collaboration with Cassandra Marie Vella

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  1. if your bi or pansexual – which i probably am – then your not free, you are forced to decide. If you want to marry and have kids, then there is nothing to gain from admitting your pansexual or bisexual and you will never be satisfied if you have chosen to commit to one sex. If polyamory or open relationships were acceptable for all and for all society, then being bisexual or pansexual would be fine. However, in mainstream society there is only one accepted type of relationship – and thats a monogamous one, which is what marriage and family is about. To be bisexual or pansexual you need to find a partner and be capable yourself of participating in “ethical non-monogamy” relationships. If not, then you may as well keep your sexuality in the closet


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