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Make Me Surrender: The Dominance Every Woman Craves In Her Life

Right now, I need you to think of a person, in thought alone, who can sexually-stimulate you. Who is it? — I’ll wait.

Now, find your space of erotic desires – a place of pleasure, power and Spartan confidence. Visualize asking that person to take you there, and don’t stop begging till they do.

Let’s begin.

My name is Jenny Chang, and by now, it’s no surprise that I’m a supreme modern woman. I’m crazy, self-relying, work and purpose-focused, impressionable, forever-memorable, and a bit manic. I’m the woman this world needs more of. I’m unapologetically in control of everything I’m designed to create. Thank you. I’m always leading events, people and in many times, myself, is the most powerful feeling in the world – to control all that I’m capable of fuels my passions.

And like all euphoric things, losing control, can make me feel aimless, vulnerable and in threat.

However, surrendering control to the right person is what every supreme woman wants, but may feel fearful of giving up. No matter the challenge in practicing submission, it’s what our inner source craves. I believe with the right partner, every leading woman can submit to her deepest sexual desires through white sheets, a flickering candle and a tie, or two…

And, in spite of my supreme traits – the more I feed my supremacy, the more I grow my cravings to be ruled. Ha. It’s true.

I yearn for someone to strip away my power, blank my mind with his blows and the crumbling of my insecurities watching him, watching me, executing all he requests.

So, how does one man take control over a woman that inhales/exhales power? Better yet, who of a man is capable of such?

A Spartan King – the king of all kings.

The gentlest man with brave opinions, right intentions and a plan of purpose. A man with rustic hands, a resilient mind raised with fighter instincts. One with priorities starting with satisfying, providing, and pleasuring his queen.

He can get me to do just about anything – anytime and anywhere he chooses.

I’ll cross every boundary not in times he’s asking me to, but the times he’s making me. He expects it, that’s all. His clarity in knowing what he wants gives him nothing short of the outcome. As a Spartan King, if he thought he needed my permission, he’d ask, but somewhere in our relationship – he sees through my defenses and continues to undress my cloths and my principles.

He’ll touch me in inappropriate places, but in all the appropriate manners.

Observing and examining my doubts, finding techniques to nurture my reservations, and like the Spartan King he is, he’ll behave suitably to please his purpose with me.

Whispering in my ear quietly enough to strip off my guard, and only after he’s taken me to my safe space – he’ll politely introduce his instruments to challenge my resistance, trigger my understanding of freedom as he fills me, and aggressively charges me to force defenseless moans and cries for deeper passion.

I feel safe to let him blindfold me as he gently explores my canvas with no interruptions.

I’ll scream that I’m his to take, as he worships every inch of me. He’ll control how wide I’ll go as I gasp in his ear on the first thrust – believing I deserve what he plans to deliver, all while keeping me tied-up to his standards of self-satisfaction.

Without ever asking, he’ll compel me to tend his inner-beast and guide him into the wilderness of his boundless dreams. I’ll stroke his creativity and express myself  – letting him enjoy the ever-growing ventures of the mental, emotional, and physical pleasures we thirst from our best selves. I’ll wrap my lips around his bold, spontaneous and the limitless journey he craves, and that we know he deserves.

I’ll take him there, and he will never let me stop until, I do.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an obsessive destination to plan for my Spartan King and I…

…and we’ll pack a few ties just to keep us grounded.

Featured image via Unsplash

Originally posted on Jenny Chang Blogs


  1. I have always been with Alpha Girls and one of my biggest victory and satisfaction is when I get my woman to surrender beyond her comfort, beyond her limits – just because she trusts me, just because I’m making her but I make sure as you suggested that I worship every inch of her body, even the inches that she wasn’t ready for me to taste. Excuse me while I go do this thing that I just described. Great article Ms. Chang.

  2. I’m not sure I agree with this write up. The more you feed your supremacy the more you desire to be ruled?? Naa sorry. I’m not about to be ruled, controlled or surrendered in any relationship. I don’t care how it’s sugar coated it screams out ” inferiority “. I’m a woman and it’s not my desire to be submissive, but if it’s yours that’s fine. Just don’t sweep every woman under the carpet please. Thank you.


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