5 Outlandish Royal Family Rules Meghan Markle Has Chosen To Ignore

It’s no secret Meghan Markle has broken several British royal family rules during her short time as Prince Harry’s fiancee. Despite what other royal members might say, *cough* Elizabeth *cough*, Meghan continues to live her life to the beat of her own drum without giving a sh*t about what anyone else has to say. Her Princess Diaries dream finally came true and she is going to live it up her own way, by her own rules.

But despite her bravery, she has broken a lot of rules and that have caused a disruption in the family and the media. Here is a short list of the rules Meghan has broken during her time as Prince Harry’s fiancee.

The Don’t Touch Me Rule

The latest rule Meghan broke was when she gave Alice Thompson, a cafe employee, a hug during her recent royal tour of Scotland.


Queen Lizzie might have been unimpressed but Alice was overjoyed at how ‘lovely’ and ‘genuine’ Meghan and Harry were.

“Outside the shop I went to shake her hand and she nudged it out of the way and embraced me with a cuddle,” Thompson told The Daily Mail. “I wouldn’t know about any of the other Royals, but they were much more down to earth than I imagined.”

Just in case you happen to run into my girl Meghan or any other member of the royal family, be sure to follow the right procedures. Meghan and Harry can hug people because she is Meghan the American, and Harry is a rebellious royal, but you, sadly, are a commoner. You must treat the Royals with a little more respect than a ‘cuddle’.

Women are supposed to curtsy to the royal family and men are supposed to bow from the neck down. A simple handshake is also acceptable, but only if a member of the royal family gestures to shake your hand first. Hugging isn’t banned, but it’s usually something you only see Kate Middleton do when she greets children. Since I don’t know how to curtsy and I’m not a child, I’ll just wait for my hug or ‘cuddle’ from Meghan.

The Actually Just Don’t Touch Anyone At All Rule

Speaking of hugging, Meghan (and Harry) have also broken another big rule: No PDA.

In royal family terms, this is like getting caught going to third base with your BF in the back of his pickup truck outside of your parents house. These Royals do not mess around with PDA. It’s a big no-no! That’s why Kate and William stand next to each other like two tin soldiers. Yes, even a simple hand hold is considered preposterous.

The Divorcee’s Can’t Sit With Us Rule

Royals are usually not allowed to marry a person who has been married before. Meghan was previously married to producer Trevor Engleson. Their marriage lasted for two years and they divorced in 2013. Maybe at this point Queen Lizzie doesn’t care who Harry ends up with, she’s probably just happy he isn’t running around Vegas butt naked with random girls.

The Jesus Loves Everyone But We Don’t Rule

In today’s world, the royals are tolerant of all religions but in order to remain in the line of succession, members of the royal family cannot be Catholic. (So are they really tolerant?)

When she was younger, Meghan went to a Catholic school but she does not belong to the Church of England. Again, I think everyone is being a little hesitant to question Harry. His fam should be relieved that Harry didn’t knock up a stripper from Vegas. She could have been the next princess. They should count their blessings they got the Catholic TV star.

The Keep Quiet And Smile Rule

Meghan beautifully graced the cover of Vanity Fair back in September of 2017 and gushed about her romance with Prince Harry. This was a few months before the couple announced their engagement.

Posing the cover of a magazine and publicly speaking out about your romantic relationship with a royal before you’re actually engaged is looked down upon by the royal family. Normally when a romantic relationship is spoken about, you can’t expect a girl-to-girl sleepover chat about boys. For example, Kate Middleton was on the cover British Vogue, but she didn’t talk in great detail about her relationship with William.


It was pretty surfacy shit. She gave us no juicy gossip. Unlike her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Meghan is that girl at the sleepover who gushes about her new boy of the week claiming ‘he is the one’ and the rest of the royal family are her friends who just roll their eyes and (classily) drink another glass of wi(tea)ne.

Way to ignore centuries old traditions like a boss Meghan. We all are cheering you on (and jealously wishing we were you) from the comfort of our Sunday sweats behind our glowing screens.

Keep an eye out for the second part of this article that will dive deep into the royal family rules Meghan Markle should break next as a future princess. 

Featured image via “UN Women’s HeForShe Campaign Special Event” by UN Women Gallery / CC BY-NC-ND


  1. This article is just riddled with untruths and rules that once existed, but now do not. I suggest a bit more research next time. (Hint – look into Catholics and people who have been divorced, for goodness sakes, the next King – as you can’t have missed – has been divorced, as have 75% of HM’s children, sadly) Queen Elizabeth really is an amazing person, she is still active in her 90s. She believes in the promises that she made, she promised God and her subjects that she would do the job until she passes from this life, and she is still doing it. My gosh, Prince Philip is 97 and he only just retired.
    A few of what you think are “rules” are just suggestions and common courtesy, and we have seen with the Duchess of Sussex that the alleged rules aren’t that at all – I work for a musician who wants to do a Meet & Greet after every show; he loves his fans and feels he should give them his time – but I know his schedule, I know that he has Diabetes and if he loses too much water during a show or his blood sugar drops suddenly, we will be in the hospital the next day. So I am the “bad cop” who has to shut down the M&G. People who don’t know why probably think I’m such a witch. I don’t care, I want my boss who is also a wonderful person and friend to not overdo it and pass out cold.
    So much of this is what Her Majesty has learned through the years to make things easier for others. Helpful hints. If Meghan hugs one person, or takes a pic with one “fan”, then 5 more will want that, and it can throw off the schedule and make the next bunch of people angry with her (and then THAT is the headline in the papers and online the next day! “Duchess Thinks She Can Disrespect Locals, Shows Up One Hour Late”. And Meghan has taken enough crap, from people on both sides of the Pond. She’ll work it all out – and I promise never be stupid enough to say “Queen Lizzie” (They are clearly enjoying spending time with each other). The Queen is no Lizzie – she was called “Lilibet” and still is, by Prince Philip and probably others. If you read about her, seriously studied her life, you might see why so many of us really admire her, and never want to be hateful to a woman who is known for so many positive things.


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