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5 Reasons Your Sister Will Always Be Your Other Half

This article has been sponsored by my partner in crime and soul sister. This brave woman I get to call my sister. How Lucky I am to have known a Wonder Woman all my life, and be my best friend. What I’ve seen her accomplish is astonishing, and her bravery gives me courage every single day.

Every time someone tells me I will one day find my other half, I laugh out loud. Not because I don’t believe in fairy tales, but let’s face it, if you lose your shoe at midnight, you’re drunk.

Little do they know, I have had my other half by my side every day.

She’s taller than me, has gorgeous long dark hair and is often mistaken for Gal Gadot. She is the one I am proud to call my sister.

So, before I make this article a cheesy nest of “I love yous” and “thank you’s” let me tell you, in honour of my special someone’s birthday, why your sister is actually your other half.

  1. Her prominence is subtle

There is no doubt your mom or dad will always be considered the most important person in your life. They’ll be the ones going Liam Neeson on anyone that dares messes with you. But you should never underestimate the importance of sisterhood. For those of you who can relate, you really hit the jackpot in the sibling département. While most guys ask seek your father’s approval, little do they know it is your sister’s that counts the most.

  1. You always have a brutally honest opinion

I’m not going to lie, the truth can sting. It’s called the ugly truth for a reason, and it sure as hell ain’t pretty. Yet, it is that very unfiltered reality that makes you the person you are today. And in my case, my sister wastes no time in pointing it out to me.

  1. There was no comparing

Let’s be honest, we’re all so fed up of the concept “who wore it best” on a magazine cover. I have long made peace with the fact that comparison is the act of violence against yourself, which makes most of us battling a nuclear war with the person staring back at us in the mirror. So when it comes to sisterhood, it’s safe to say that your differences is what makes your bond all so stronger. It’s your differences that make your bond so much stronger, even when you’re apart.

  1. You bond over the quirky things your family does

I am sure there are countless of “normal” families out there who have celebrate holidays like you’d see in a Christmas commercial. Mine is a mashup of Meet the Parents and We’re the millers, and I am proud to call them mine.

You both know the feeling of watching embarrassing home videos of family holidays you both swore to keep in a very safe place, likely underground, just like a time capsule.

  1. She’s your partner in crime

Through the tears, horrible dates, adventures, memory lanes and the pivotal moments in your life, your sister was the one always by your side. She knows the darkest secrets and the excuses you made to get out of plans to watch reruns of Dawson’s Creek, and never sugarcoating because let’s face it, she could never lose you.

So, my partner in crime, happy freaking birthday. Here’s to many more years of weirdness, awkward scenarios and laughing about it all later on.

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