Why Distance Allows You To Grow Into The Person You’re Meant To Be

I spent six full weeks all alone, I moved across the world in hopes of finding a job and a place I would want to stay. I didn’t like my life, I wasn’t as happy as I knew I could be, and I wanted to find the missing piece to that happiness. Like everything in life, I had expectations of what I would find and who I would become. I had it all planned out, everything was fine, until it wasn’t.

After a fraction of this trip passed me by, something clicked; it was a mysterious wave that was washed upon my heart and soul. It took me by surprise, but these waves were magical.

While I was growing up, I had a lot of family issues, friend issues, and issues with myself. I was angry all the time, wanted all the attention for myself, and I felt as though I had to win at everything. All of a sudden, that wave hit me like a hurricane and changed those issues.This wave allowed my views to change, my ideas developed to those views, and I said things I never thought I’d say before.

When I was growing up, I had various hard times with my families. I had multiple step parents, multiple new houses, new schools, and plenty of family drama. To avoid that pattern, I have always said that my life will consist of an apartment, maybe a boyfriend, and a kick ass job. But, within these six weeks, those plans have all changed.

I am finally excited for the days where I can settle down, the days of love, the days of excitement, and the days I can spend with the love of my life. I look forward to planning and building my dream house while pursuing the career of my dreams. I look forward to the day the test has a positive sign, I look forward to the delivery room, I look forward to life, I look forward to having my own family.

I cannot stop picturing the day my husband–yes, I said it, I do eventually want to get married–and I get to share the news with our parents. I cannot wait until I get to hold that perfect little girl or boy in my arms for the first time, and I look forward to the years of raising a perfect human being into this world.

It is truly remarkable how one moment can change your views and make you feel complete. How one moment transforms your entire perspective into something you never thought you’d wish for, and at the level you want it now.

Life is such a crazy story and an even crazier experience, but as we take in each day we need to be still. To let life take its course and to really feel in the moment. To breathe, to relax, to allow our dreams to change, and to become who we were meant to be in the present moment. If I have learned anything within these 18 years of being on this planet it is that life is meant to be exciting. You’re meant to be the author and to control each available moment within your story. You’re the person who gets to call the shots. You’re the person who gets to change their mind and live each day believing in yourself. THIS IS YOUR BOOK. Write whatever you want and don’t let anyone tear you down because at the end of the day your name is on the spine. Be proud of what you’ve written and live in happiness as much as you possibly can.

From one author to another… go write the best novel you’ve ever read.

Photo by Shannon Whittington on Unsplash


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