10 Life Lessons You Learned From Lauren Conrad

For those of you that were not blessed to grow up in the times of MTV’s Laguna Beach and The Hills, I am sorry and apologize for you not getting to experience one of the first and best “reality shows.” We learned so much from those Californian kids struggling with their high school drama and then continuing the drama into their college/young adulthood. We laughed with them, we cried with them, but most of all, we grew up learning with them. Especially with LC; Lauren Conrad.

LC taught us how to properly battle over a man (with Kristin over Steven), how to fall in love and how to get through heartbreak (with Jason), how to deal with a failing friendship (with Heidi), and most importantly, she taught us what it was like to grow up. While we were going through some of the same experiences as LC, she taught us how to do it in a much more classy way.

Before she held her head high and beautifully walked away from the show, she gave us so many beautiful quotes that stood strong with us. Quotes about love, life, and friendship that still make you stop and think. Also, she taught us how to cry in the most non-ugly/Kardashian way possible.

Here is what we learned from LC to help us get through life:

  1. We learned that you shouldn’t just date someone to have the title. That you should actually like your significant other and take some pride in them.
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  1. We saw that we shouldn’t be so trusting of everyone around us. Even our best friends could reveal our deepest secrets.
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  1. We learned that it doesn’t matter how long you have spent waiting on the right guy. Do NOT settle.
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  1. We saw that sometimes friendship doesn’t make it through everything. Sometimes it is better for people to go their separate ways.
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  1. We saw the difference between someone who has made a mistake by doing you wrong and someone who is truly out to get you.
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  1. We learned what true heartbreak was by watching a friendship unfold; it helped us to see that sometimes best friends aren’t forever.
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  1. We learned about boy radar! Finally! We all knew it was true, but the fact that LC had brought it up made it all the more real!
Image result for lauren conrad quote gifs they text you
  1. We learned that adult life wasn’t about the number of friends that you had, but the number of friends that were around during the difficult times.
Image result for lauren conrad quote gifs a few good friends
  1. We learned how to recognize when we are in love.Not just some butterflies and hand holding, but the real thing.
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  1. And most importantly, we learned how to “insult” an ex-boyfriend in the most classy way possible.
Image result for lauren conrad quote gifs homeboy

There are not many MTV reality stars that you can say you should follow in their footsteps, but Lauren Conrad is one of those exceptions. She is talented, intelligent, and most of all, real. While the show itself may have been fake, Lauren was and still is as genuine as they come. We have all been in her shoes and should continue to follow in her ways. Hold your friendships close, don’t settle for a man that is not worthy, and never, I repeat, never wear combat boots to the beach.

Featured image via “Lauren Conrad on the Red Carpet” by Philip Nelson / CC BY-SA


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