This Is The Type Of Man My Best Friend Deserves

My best friend deserves all the happiness in the world that she provides for other people. She deserves to have one person ignite a spark in her that will never die. Her happiness is as contagious as the flu, literally anyone can get the same emotion as her at any time. She’s gone through some hard points in her life and I never want her to go through those ever again, especially because of you.

My best friend deserves to have the support team surrounding her with the same amount of love and dedication as she gives to everyone single handedly. The type of person who can be there for her when she needs them and to do it in a way she finds most effective. There’s no denying she would do the same for others, and she needs to have someone to return the favour.

My best friend deserves someone whose presence takes over her. She needs someone with the effect of a team in a single person. The more hats they can wear at any given time, the better. It’ll be a challenge, but it’ll be the most rewarding challenge because that is what she will give back in return.

My best friend deserves someone who can put up with her smartass remarks. She knows how to give it good and doesn’t realize how serious it can be at times. If anyone can take it, and give it right back, then she knows he’s right for her. She likes to keep things interesting.

My best friend deserves someone who is as stable as a home and as sturdy as a tree. She’ll need to lean on him from time to time and will hope he doesn’t blow away or fall over. Stability is as attractive to her as ambition is. She needs someone to be strong for her in the rare moments she’s weak, even the most strong individuals need help sometimes and she needs someone to return the favor.

My best friend deserves someone who will hold her hand with pride and showcase her to the world in simple ways. She deserves to be shown to the world for the woman she is and embraced by others. The person she ends up with needs to proud to show her off and show the world that he has her for life.

My best friend deserves someone to hold her hand. Someone to hold her in a gentle embrace in times of sorrow, in times of fear of the unknown, in moments where she needs guidance and someone to hold her tightly in joy or excitement. She deserves someone to hold onto her for life and to never let go.

My best friend deserves someone who will love her endlessly and effortlessly. Materialistic things mean absolutely nothing to her. Physical affection, kind words and thoughtful gestures do. And I certainly hope she finds someone who can give her all those things and more, and who loves every ounce of her as much as I do.

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