3 Necessary Tips To Boost Your Dating App Profile

This weekend as I was looking over my friend’s dating profile on Match.com, it got me thinking about all the time that women invest in their dating profiles. The countless hours we spend making our hair look perfect for a selfie, the tireless hours asking if the small amount of space that we are given to write in is charming enough or just simply the endless hours that we spend strolling through the digital list of potential Mr. Wonderful. While my friend’s profile was decent, there were tweaks that needed to be made to look better to the male population.

Here are some tips when looking to boost your dating profile:

1. The main picture. This is the first thing that your potential match is going to see and a picture can say a thousand things. You want the best version of you that is giving off the best vibes, and also, make sure that it is just you. Crop those friends or family out if need be. You don’t want a guy to get confused as to who they are looking at. If you have a photo of you and a friend, they will sometimes be more excited by the friend and then extremely disappointed by the follow up photos of you, thinking they were getting your friend in this deal. You are selling you here, not your friends or family. Also, make sure you are showered, clean, and looking glamorous for your potential Mr. Perfect.

2. The follow up pictures. Show off what activities you like! No guy wants to look through a bunch of selfies. He is going to assume that either you are self centered or that you are hiding something by not showing off anything other than your face. Again, you are selling yourself! Make sure you are giving off the best version of you and what makes you happy. This is the time where you can show off your family, friends, outdoor activities, whatever makes you happy. Sidenote: Make sure these don’t show any “super revealing” clothing. A photo of you on the beach may be cute, but all of the side boob that is popping out is just a sign to a guy that you are easy (Trust me, This is how guys think!).

3. Description. A little more challenging than the pictures. Here you have a small amount of space to tell the world what is great about you and what you are looking for. Don’t sell yourself too short, but also don’t pretend you are the talk of the town. Be humble, show off some of your accomplishments or what you would like to accomplish in the near future, but don’t act as if you are going to be a “boss bitch” if they pick you to be their next match. Also, don’t give out too much detail. These are strangers looking at your profile and they should stay that way until you accept a date proposal from them.

Dating can be difficult, but your online dating profile doesn’t have to be. Make sure that you look your best and it is just you in your main picture, that you are showing off all of your best assets in your other photos (without showing off your main assets – Boobs, no boobs!), and that you are describing yourself in a nice, humble way. You are a catch so make sure you are selling yourself that way! All you have to do is make sure that you are giving off the best representation of yourself and you will be good to go!

Featured image via Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash


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