This Is The Key To Having A Happy And Successful Life

What is Success?

When I looked up the word “success” in an online dictionary, I saw a lot of the same definitions. These definitions all shared something in common: wealth. It seems that success is seen in one who achieves wealth, a high position, or is part of a dominant group in society. Can success really be seen this way? Is this what success truly is? In my personal opinion, I disagree. To me, success is giving something your all, when you are pushing yourself to your limits or beyond your limits, maybe possibly even breaking yourself in order to reach your biggest goal in life. Not just reaching your goal, but achieving it, conquering it, and making it yours. No one can go through life sitting at a dining table and expecting all of your hopes and dreams to come to you on a silver platter. Every dream anyone could have in life is going to take hard work and dedication. There will be a stepping stone, or maybe even multiple stepping stones that you will have to continue climbing, without a railing to hold yourself up as you push your way up the hill. The only question is, do you have the motivation to achieve whatever it is you desire?

I have a motto that I dedicate myself to thinking about every time I hit a rough patch in my life. This motto is:

you go through life taking little stepping stones to walk your way up to success. But no, you cannot just start at success; you work for it.

That being said, sure there are some people that are going to be born into a wealthy family and people may view them as successful, but are they truly? What have they worked for? Those are the silver platter people. Success is making something of yourself, and that can be done in a variety of ways. To one person success will be owning their own small business, to another, it will be becoming the head CEO of a very large company. Success comes in a variety of sizes and it all depends on how that one person views success.

Inspiration is Key

A spark of inspiration is all it takes to create a flame. This means that a person needs inspiration in order to feel enough motivation to work for their desired goals. A little bit of inspiration can give anyone a push to begin working themselves to their limits. Without any inspiration people would be doing their jobs and going through their lives without any passion. Passion is what makes everyday exciting; it is what makes people prosper in their fields and professions. Without passion, people would just be bland and the world would be a boring place. I believe that inspiration and passion are tied together. When someone feels inspired, they feel motivated to conquer their goals and begin taking steps forward. If someone had a certain goal, then it is usually something that they feel extremely passionate about. With these three key points in place then a person has the capabilities to become very successful.

Don’t Give Up

Inspiration, motivation, and passion are all a part of taking steps towards success, but this does not mean that the path is going to be linear. This is just all part of pushing yourself to your limits. Many times through your dedication to achieve your goals you will face yourself taking steps that may actually lead you backwards; for example, being laid off. The important thing to remember is to not lose your inspiration, motivation, and passion because hitting a rough patch on the road will only make the outcome more amazing when it is finally reached. Overcoming any rough patch is what makes someone truly successful in the end because they were able to achieve their aspiration through thick and thin.

Another important part of these rough patches is to not regret any decisions you made. Do not regret your decision to work somewhere because it eventually led to you being laid off in the end. As stated before, rough patches can be a good thing and only makes you a more successful person for being able to overcome them.

Make Yourself Shine

There is a saying I was told by my father that I have cherished forever. Being an owner of a car repair shop, his advice was, “always toot your horn.” By this he meant that, when you have the chance, make yourself shine because whoever you are competing with in life is going to try to outshine you. Going through life is about trying to sell yourself to others to become something. No one else can do this for you. You have to be able to outshine everyone else to sell yourself to whoever you cross in order to achieve your goals. Nobody is going to “toot your horn” for you, only you can do this and it is important to know when and where to do it. It is like walking into a jewelry store and seeing the one ring that grabs your eye over all of the other ones. In comparison, you have to make yourself be that bright sparkly diamond ring that cannot be compared to all of the rest. Making yourself shine is an important component in reaching your dreams. Always keep that in mind on your journey.

What is Success?

Thinking about the original definitions of success, which was basically to be wealthy, I now have a different idea in mind, a definition of my own. This new definition would be:

Success: (noun) Someone who took steps forward and some back. Someone who felt inspired, motivated, and passionate about their goals. Someone who pushed their self beyond their limits and broke themselves down just to rebuild themselves up in a stronger and more confident way and was able to conquer past all blocks in their road and able to reach the end. Someone who was able to reach their OWN definition of success.

Originally published by Christina Donati on Hubpages

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