5 Things Men Do When They’re Genuinely Falling In Love

They say actions speak louder than words, but when it comes to knowing how to tell if a guy likes you (and possibly even wants to get married to you!), both matter. In romantic relationships, a man who is genuinely falling in love with you and wants to go from being your boyfriend to being your husband one day will show it through his actions AND his words.


Dating men who want to keep things casual is a completely different experience from dating one who has his eye firmly on the prize — a lifetime of love, happiness, and fulfillment with you.

If you’re wondering how to know if a guy likes you, is falling in love with you, and might even want to get married one day, here are five things to watch for him to do.

1. He offers compliments that aren’t only about your looks

A man in lust will compliment you on your beauty and physical appearance, while a man in love will do that and more. If he’s genuinely falling in love with you, he’ll say things about your connection.

Here are some examples of ways he may compliment you during your conversations:

  • “You’re different from others I’ve dated.”
  • “You make me feel great.”
  • “What we have … there could be something there.”
  • “I love the way you make me feel.”
  • “This just feels so easy.”

A man in love will fall in love with the connection he has with a woman, which means the way she makes him feel and her idiosyncrasies, not only her looks.

2. He introduces you to his friends and family

Regardless of what the skeptics say, men are not afraid of commitment. On the contrary, most men are looking for the queen they want to build their castle with.

Once he finds her, he wants to tell the world, starting with those people who are closest to him. A man who is genuinely falling in love wants her to meet his friends and family. He wants her to be part of his life, which means getting to know the people he cares most about.

3. He includes you in his future

A man in love considers a future with you. When he’s planning months or even years ahead, he thinks of you.

This could mean his cousin’s wedding that’s seven months down the road or holiday planning for next year. It may include the house he plans to build with a walk-in wardrobe because he knows you’ll need the space.

If he’s talking about the future and you’re in his plans, you can definitely place a solid bet that he’s falling in love.

Examples of the kind of plans he may involve you in include these:

  • Asking his cousin if it’s ok to bring a plus one to his wedding
  • Plan his holiday around your vacation break
  • Ask you where you’d like to go during the next long weekend (which is months away)
  • Getting your opinion about the house he’s about to buy
  • Ask about your 5 year plan

4. He lets you known he’s developing deep feelings for you

Before a man publicly declares his love for you, he’ll find all kinds of ways to tell you before he says the three little words. It could be him telling you how much fun he has with you or how happy you make him.

Here are some examples of the kind of things he might say:

  • “You’re great.”
  • I really like you.”
  • You make me so happy.”
  • I can’t believe how great this feels.”
  • All my friends and family have told me how different I am when I’m around you.”
  • You bring out the best in me.”

Keep in mind that the delivery is everything.

5. He wants to do things for you

A man in love will always do his best to make you happy, and he’ll show you this through his actions, by doing things like coming around to help you hang pictures in your new place or bringing you comfort food when you’ve had a hard day at work.

He’ll always have your back, and he wants you to know it.

Some examples of things he might do include:

  • Help you negotiate a better idea on your phone plan (my husband loves doing stuff like this for me)
  • Take care of all your car maintenance for you (not because you can’t do it, he just wants to help)
  • Bring you chicken soup when you’re sick
  • Do simple things like drive you to the airport or the doctor’s when you’re sick
  • Cook you dinner even though his most used cooking is a microwave

When a man is genuinely falling in love with you, you will know it.

Originally written by Iona Yeung on YourTango

Featured image via Orione Conceição on Pexels


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