Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Were Caught Kissing, But Are They Officially Together?

Within the last three weeks or so the news has been scattered with rumors surrounding Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. We’ve seen everything play out in the public eye and it’s surprising how open they’ve been about rekindling their romance. Obviously this isn’t the first time they’ve been caught hanging out or catching up. But this time it’s noticable things are different.

Especially since they were just caught kissing the other day.

Selena was caught giving her first love a kiss while at his hockey game, or as those from the true north, strong and free would say, “shinney.” She literally had every Canadian girls dream, kissing a man in his gear while cheering him on from off the ice. How romantic.

But besides the point, many fans are shocked that they are getting back together and some really aren’t that surprised. Justin has openly credited Selena as the one who got away while fans viewed Selena as the girl who always goes back to a guy she can do better than but settles.

There’s always the one that got away or the one that we always go back to. And it looks like Selena Gomez has fallen victim to that never ending trap. And that’s relatable AF.

Maybe they figured their situation out? Maybe she fell for his charm again and went back? Maybe they missed the familiarity their relationship had? Maybe he’s matured and realized that he’s ready to be serious about this strong woman who has proved she’s done settling. There are so many theories about this relationship, I can’t even state them all.

But what I can state is this is heating up fast. Let’s look at the timeline to prove how fast this is going (or strategic, should I say).

October 22

The Biebs and a group of friends were spotted by TMZ at Selena’s house “at least until midnight.” Okay, so that’s a little crowded if it was just a booty call having other people there, but they hung out during “fuck boy hours”. Interesting.

October 29

They were spotted going to church together. Nothing says “forgive me for my sins” like going to a holy place with your ex who just so happened to cause you a lot of harm because of his actions. They then went to brunch and hung out all day.

Keep in mind she still reportedly had a boyfriend at this point.

October 30

News breaks Selena and The Weeknd have parted ways after 10 months together because they were back and forth in their relationship. Some report because they were too busy for each other. Conveniently that was the same excuse the Weeknd used when he broke up with Bella Hadid.

November 1

They were adorably spotted riding bikes through LA, without helmets. Clearly they are not being safe, if you catch my drift.

November 4 and 5

They were spotted at church services again. Lord have mercy they must really be begging for forgiveness to go twice in a weekend.

November 9

Selena liked The Weeknd’s Instagram post. Jelena fans are now confused.

November 13

Fans catch them on a romantic walk. While she is wearing The Weeknd’s jacket. Which I personally find a little disrespectful. You just broke up with the man and your flaunting your rekindled flame with your ex before him and are wearing his clothes. Seriously, girl, be classy.

November 15

Selena attends Justin’s hockey game, with her dog.

November 16

The kiss picture/video was released to the world and all hell broke loose.

Now, if you ask me, I think this is all very strategic on Selena’s part, especially because she’s been planning some new music coming out soon. It’s also interesting how open they are being about it. Maybe they really don’t care, but if you’re trying to re-start things with an ex you tend to do it privately so no one finds out until things are good enough for others to know before they judge your decisions.

Regardless, I give it until the end of the month until they officially confirm they are back together. They do look genuinely happy and I’m glad that they seemed to have found their peace because they both were open about how devastating their relationship ending was in different perspectives.

The heart wants what it wants, right Selena?

Featured image via BackGrid



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