How To Choose The Right Tarot Deck To Help Find Your Inner Goddess

Choosing a Tarot deck can be the hardest part of actually starting on your own journey of reading. There are a million (seriously, maybe more) decks out there and possibly just as many schools of thought on which deck to choose. But let’s forget all that for a moment.

The way I’ve always settled on a deck has been very Harry Potteresque. The wand chooses the wizard. The decks I buy are typically calling out to me and don’t escape my thoughts until I press that fancy little order button and get to run a few readings with it. If you’re getting the right deck, it’ll lift your spirits and somewhere, somehow, you’ll just know.

Isn’t it bad luck to buy your own Tarot deck?

In short, no. There are some readers out there that are still die-hards for this old rule, but the vast majority of readers I know think this is total BS. Any deck you buy should be very personal to you, you should almost have this intimate bond. I feel very attached to my cards because I ask them very personal questions regarding my own life. Sure, it’s just paper, but it feels weird knowing that I’ve been through so much with them. It’s a decision most readers feel should be left up to you.

If there is something about this old tradition that clicks in your heart, ask a close friend to buy you a deck that makes them think of you. Take them out to lunch to “pay them back” while still allowing the cards to be *your gift*. 

Are there any diverse cards for the modern reader?

If only you knew. The one major complaint I hear from new readers would simply be that the original deck is so f*cking white!

Bad Bitches Tarot

I love this deck because it is the polar opposite of everything I’ve seen in a deck before. It’s feminine, it’s racially diverse, and it’s all about reclaiming your power. This deck is everything girly, including the millennial pink design on the back of the cards and a rose gold edging to keep them sparking while you shuffle. One of my favorite parts about this deck is that it holds to the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) style, which means you can pick up just about any Tarot guidebook to help you learn. It’s a badass starter deck to boost your Instagram likes. You can buy your own deck for $45 at

The Starchild Tarot

This deck focuses deeply on finding your own spirituality and following your intuition. The Starchild Tarot has been booming throughout social media and the modern Tarot world. It is absolutely impossible to ignore how Instagrammable this deck can be. Geared for readers of all levels, you can get started with this deck totally guilt free while getting lost in the watercolor, daydream-y world depicted in each of the 79 cards. You can pre-order the newest edition of this deck for $49.

Tarot Mucha

The Tarot Mucha deck, inspired by art nouveau master Alphonse Mucha, is by far one of the most beautifully enchanting decks I have ever laid eyes on. In an obvious art nouveau style as a nod to Mucha, each card is captivating and unique. Mucha Tarot remains connected to the traditional RWS style, which just makes it that much easier to learn with. I fell in love with the break from the Renaissance-ish artwork but still feeling very traditional and powerful. Described as both “charming” and “inviting,” I think anyone can find a soft spot for these images. This deck is available all over but can be found for $27 at

The Marigold Tarot

There is something about this deck that is absolutely haunting and captivating that I immediately felt a bond with. The Marigold Tarot deck has not been released yet (the beauty ships in February 2018), but absolutely blew crowdfunding away on Kickstarter when it was funded less than one month after the project launched. Each card is illuminated off of a black background with white, soft lines and metallic gold accents. If you’re looking for the perfect way to show off your inner hipster, be sure to grab your nearest latte and Instagram away. Secure your deck for about $31 on their Kickstarter page.

There are so many options, what do I do???

Your research. I picked these four for you to explore very popular Tarot options that have taken the Tarot-verse by storm. As I stated before, there are probably a million decks out there if not more. Feel free to check out a reputable new age store, Llewellyn, for a secure way to explore your options or even Tarot Garden for a seemingly endless way to get inspired while shopping. I firmly believe there is a deck out there for everyone – pick the one that absolutely calls to your heart the most.

Until next time!

Featured image via Alina Vilchenko on Pexels


  1. These decks are all amazing and such an inspiration to me! When I created my deck, The Embroidered Forest, the deck has been created through a love of folklore and handstitched embroidery.

    I love how you are building community by sharing lots of tarot artwork, and I’d love to have you check out my website, where you can learn a lot more about my deck, as well as I would to hear any feedback or suggestions you think would be good for me! I’d love it if you could recommend me on your page?

    Lots of love, Alicia


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