5 Signs That You’re Drifting From Your Closest Friends

Maintaining friendships in your twenties can be more difficult than keeping strong friendships in high school. Most of us eventually experience distance in our close friendships, and it may cause us stress. After all, sometimes we aren’t sure why we’re drifting from our friends.

Recognizing these 5 signs that your friendship has begun to fizzle may help you come to terms with the distance sooner and make the transition out of your friendship easier.

1. You Both Struggle To Communicate With Each Other.

You may find that your phone isn’t buzzing as much as usual and realize it’s because you haven’t been reaching out to your friend This could mean that both of you and your friend’s priorities may have shifted. It’s a hard truth to accept, but a struggle to communicate does fuel drifting friendships.

2. The List Of Interests You Share Is Dwindling.

It’s easy to connect with someone when you have many things in common. But as you evolve and discover yourself, you may not be interested in the same things that bonded you with your friends. Losing shared interests may sound like it sucks, and in a way, it does. But it also may mean that you’re growing up, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

3. Your Circle Of Friends Has Expanded.

Maybe you and your friend were part of a small group of friends when you met, which made it easier to spend time together. But as your friend group got bigger, you slowly stopped wanting to make time for each other. Replacing old friendships with newer ones can be rough, but it helps when the separation is mutual.

4. One Of You Is Figuring Out Who You Are.

The years of our twenties are the perfect time to discover who we truly are as individuals. But sometimes, you have to take your self-discovery journey alone. It’s often easier to discover our truths, desires, and needs in solitude. Unfortunately, finding our identities often risks our friendships.

5. Life Got Busy For Both Of You.

Adulting can suck, and those long hours at work, taking care of families, and maintaining healthy hobbies can all contribute to your friends drifting from you. You can’t help your responsibilities, though.While dealing with life sucks sometimes and can interfere with your friendships, it’s necessary.

It’s unfortunate when you feel distance between yourself and a friend, but that separation is not always a bad thing. Growing apart from your friend can simply mean that you are growing, and growth is beautiful. Friendships that slowly fizzle out are often easier to accept than friendships than end in drama and tears, too. It’s best to let your friendships fade naturally so both you and your friend can grow in the direction you’re meant to.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


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