5 Realizations That Are Your Key To Positivity

The idea that we can “have it all” is elusive to say the least. It’s easy to be a pessimist in the chaotic inferno of life. In fact, until very recently, I was a pessimist about nearly everything. I never gave one iota of a thought as to how detrimental negative thoughts were, how they were literally poisoning my present and my future.

But what if I told you that, after nearly twenty-three years of thinking negatively, I’ve reversed nearly every negative thought process that existed before? What if I told you that every seemingly “bad” day can be avoided-forever? Nope, it’s not bullsh*t, it’s logic.

Rerouting your brain is not always simple process, nor is it effortless. It requires an abundance of concentration, time, and an unwavering stream of consciousness. However, when positivity is channeled correctly, the results can be subliminal. Here are some valuable tips. Use ‘em:

Be What You Want

In order to attract what you desire, you must first embody it. We must not merely wish or dream, but quite literally create our own reality based upon our deepest desires. Exuding positivity is one thing, but adopting the qualities you find most admirable will make your desires more attracted to you. Want to attract the person of your dreams? Be the passionate, devoted, loyal person of your dreams.

Believe You’re Worth It

In order for your desires to manifest themselves into your life, you have to genuinely, wholeheartedly, absolutely believe you deserve whatever it is you’re yearning for. Even if your confidence is seemingly low, learn to believe that you are, in fact, deserving of what you want. Repeat it to yourself everyday that your value is vast and your worth is infinite. Soon enough, you’ll come to identify with the fact that the things you want are 100% within your reach. You aren’t enough, you are more than enough.

Trust The Process

Allow whatever higher power you identify with, be it God or the universe-to work its magic. Do not rush, panic, or give up. Much like a puzzle, revamping your life requires a multitude of moving pieces, some more intricate and confusing than others. However, instilling full faith in the fact that you will (not can, but will) receive what you focus on will make the transition smoother.

Be Thankful Now

Being in a good mood sets the frequency for good vibrations, thus resulting in satisfactory outcomes, experiences, and relationships. What’s the best way to perk up your lackluster mood? Taking stock of the things, people, and even pets that you currently do possess. Think of your life as a treasure chest: don’t even consider the things in your life that are dim and/or not currently present, only focus on what you do have.

Envision that your treasure chest is brimming with goodies, including a wonderful family, an education, or anything else you’re thankful for. Now, picture this chest with gaps in it. These gaps do not represent what you’re lacking, but rather what wonderful things await you. Thrive in the mindset that what’s around every new corner is bright and optimistic.

Be Persistent & Consistent

Perhaps the most crucial part of this and any life-changing process is consistency. Much like crash dieting, revamping your life into a magnet of positivity is not something that will pay off unless you put in the proper time and effort. There’s a reason the saying “nothing worth having comes easily” exists: because it’s true. All of the aforementioned concepts seem relatively simple, but applying them in good faith oftentimes proves to be a challenge.

It comes down to this: what do you crave most? What do you dream for? Pick it out, order it in your mind, and start believing that it’s headed your way. Half the battle is instilling faith in the process, but the other half is maintaining a sense of self-worth.

There’s a reason that texts like The Secret and the magnetic energy of the Law of Attraction have been studied and preached about throughout history: because there’s something so compelling, potent, and alive about the way we use our minds. The more cognizant we are of the thoughts we process, and the more aware we become of just how forceful these thoughts are, the closer we are to literally crafting our own futures. Rethink how you think.

Featured image via nappy on Pexels


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