How You Can Help Those Affected By The Recent Natural Disasters

The recent weeks showcased an almost never-ending rage from mother nature. There were earthquakes and hurricanes of extremely high levels. This has brought upon disaster among our fellow people and animals and left them in horrible conditions that most of us cannot even begin to imagine.

From Harvey’s devastation in Houston to Nate’s Nicaraguan disasters to New Zealand and Mexico’s massive shakes. The whole world is taking it hard regarding nature. There will always be discussions about why and what’s causing it all, but regardless, these natural tragedies can’t stop us.

How can you help Mexico? Check these links: Red Cross Mexico, UNICEF Mexico & Save the Children Mexico.

While the situations seem hopeless, that’s not true. We can band together and help even from afar. Celebrities like Bethenny Frankel who started B Strong Disaster Relief to help Puerto Rico! And Hilary Duff stepped up in these hard times.

There are ways to donate all over the internet for families, cities, states, islands, that are struggling in this tough time and they’re not hard to give to. The American Cross & Direct Relief are convenient too, as you can choose where you want to donate also.

Tip number #1 is always research where you’re donating too as well as tips to help you verify the legitimacy of your chosen donation place. Scammers, sadly, love to take advantage of these dire situations. Try calling your local government agencies, they can likely direct you to the right person to talk to, to find places that need your donations.

Certain organizations such as Go Fund Me – Operation Carelift For Puerto Rico are collecting any and all supplies for those in need. From blankets to towels and can-openers to canned goods, anything you can send WILL help someone.

When you find someone you want to donate to, just check what they’re able to ship. Tip number #2 is your local shelters, they are a great place to start and often those with websites will have a list of items they are in desperate need of.  Seriously, those goodie bags are never a bad idea for those who can take them so don’t be shy if you’ve stocked up!

Blood, plasma, and platelet donations of ALL blood types are never a bad idea for those who are eligible to donate. Many centers provide some rewards and incentives for all kinds of contributions, but that’s only a perk to this good cause. Organizations such as South Texas Blood and Tissue Center are in need of donations. Again, make sure to check out those local blood donation companies to find out where and when you can help! Red Cross offers a helpful site to find those places, click here!

Clothing donations can always help those who lose everything. Check out your local clothing donators and see what they’re requesting. Don’t be afraid to clear out your closet now that summer is over. If you see those sweaters you’ve had in the back of your closet for two years without any intentions to wear, please donate it to a good cause. Children outgrow clothes all the time; don’t let the memories stop you from cleaning their drawers too – let your children help and show them how they’re making a difference for some of the children who may have lost so much in the past few weeks.

The Dodo offers excellent advice on how to help animals in some of these affected areas. Plus there are some beautiful places you can check to help out our favorite creatures that have been affected. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Best Friends Animal Society, South Florida Wildlife Center & The Humane Society of the United States.

It’s so crazy how areas around the globe have been hit so hard by so many natural disasters. We may not have touched base with it here, but check back soon for info about not-so-natural disasters and how you can help those affected as well. Hurricane season for North and Central America has another full month to go, and as long as we all stick together, we can make it through. As for the earthquakes in Asia and Central America, unpredictability for the general public still poses an issue for those who aren’t prepared.

If you’ve ever faced a natural disaster, don’t hold back from telling your story, and stay safe friends. <3

Collab with Cassandra Marie Vella

Featured image via George Desipris on Pexels


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