6 October Book Releases We’re All Excited For

Fall not only brings the change of green leaves to vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges but new books we can sink our teeth into. It’s the best thing about a new month right? Those hundreds of pages we can escape into while we curl up with a blanket and our favorite drinks. It can be tricky, but we deserve to treat ourselves this month, so here are our top anticipated reads!

K.A. Linde is releasing The Consort, book #3 in the Ascensions series. It comes out this October 10th and is rumored to be a wild and dark ride with Cyrene discovering what destiny has in store for her along with what true love really means…

This fantasy not only looks gorgeous but K.A. Linde’s previous two books prove how fantastic the storytelling is. We’re able to visualize this magical world, and there’s no way we can miss the next installment!

October 24th will feature Staci Hart’s latest stand-alone novel, A Little Too Late. Single dad, Charlie (You’ve met him before if you read A Thousand Letters by Staci Hart) and Hannah meet when Hannah becomes his nanny. A love story unfolds between the two, and it’s one that will grip your heart tight.

Staci Hart is one of my all-time favorite indie authors, and her way with words never fails. This book already makes my chest feel tight for the love story between the characters. I have no doubt I’ll need to take breaks to calm myself as each chapter passes!

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green comes out October 10th. This exciting title will show us 16-year-old Aza, and her best friend Daisy, investigating a mystery with a cash reward.

John Green manages to showcase youth and love in beautiful ways. It’s been a wait for a new John Green book, so fans like myself are eager to read. If you’re a fan of the movies but didn’t want to read the previous books, here’s a perfect chance!

Rupi Kaur releases The Sun And Her Flowers on October 3rd. Another poetry collection that is sure to reach our souls. The name might sound familiar if you heard of Milk and Honey, the first poetry collection Rupi Kaur released.

The first book changed my entire outlook on poetry books. I remember taking a trip out of town and deciding to read this on the way there. I had to stop because I got so emotional and didn’t want to cry in a car full of people haha! I’m counting down the days till I can open up this new volume of passionate passages.

Anna FarrisOctober 24th release Unqualified is sure to be a hilarious, heartwarming read. As one of our favorite funny ladies, she’s sharing her story as well as advice.

This memoir without a doubt will make us laugh and cry along with Anna. She always manages to make people feel connected to her characters on screen. She’s a talented actress that we can often relate to so it’ll be lovely to sit down with her in this real and raw way! It also appears to have been written before the split with her then-husband, Chris Pratt.

Miss Fix-It by Emma Hart comes out October 31st: A single dad of twins, Brantley and handywoman Kali, both have hard jobs with specific tools. So what happens when they meet in this romantic comedy?

Well, the tagline does a good job of giving you an idea, “And the wall isn’t the only thing being drilled...” Real talk, I’m all about this upcoming release. I hit pre-order as soon as I read the blurb. Which by the way is hilarious, cute and sexy, all at once. I can’t wait.

From memoirs to poetry. We’re eagerly awaiting the publication dates if only time could move a little faster! So, what books on your list are you most excited to read this month?

Collab with Cassandra Marie Vella

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