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There Is An Explanation For Why You’re Crazy When It Comes To Guys

The game. We all know it and are guilty of it at some point or another. It is probably the sole reason for our female craziness, and boys, you all know it. Whether it is waiting for the guy to message you first or waiting for the chick to show some interest with a simple ‘like’ on Instagram, it’s this damn game that drives us off the radar, and quite frankly, it’s pathetic. I’m willing to admit that I’m guilty of it myself. Whether you’re the player or the played, these are the most common types of games that you know all too well. Here’s 4 games all the lovers in the world are tired of playing:

1. The texting game: Guys, if you are interested in a girl, just shoot the damn message and stop overthinking it. We can play the exact same game; we know what it’s all about, too. And you wonder why we go crazy…

2. The calling game: Just because a girl calls you, doesn’t mean she wants to be with you. Or maybe it does. Either way, don’t be afraid to actually speak on the phone every once in a while, too.

3. The label game: What does a label even mean? I understand that you have to get to know someone initially; go out on a few dates or whatever. But after that, that let me know what we are doing…this whole talking bullsh*t needs to stop.

4. The blame game: Okay, so guys have their flaws but ladies we are no different. We also tend to drive ourselves crazy. For example, I’ll start talking to a guy. He seems really nice, but then I decide it’s too good to be true and create all these situations in my head about how things could take a turn for the worst. This is how you drive yourself mad. Not all guys are dipsh*ts. Give it time. You never know what could happen. So take it from me and stop creating scenarios in your head that probably won’t even happen. This will do no good and scare guys away.

Look, we all make mistakes. Whether girls or guys…it’s biblical. It’s literally biblical, he without sin cast the first stone. How many of us make a mistake in our lives? So, yes, each one of you reading this article will have made these mistakes and I have too. And that’s okay. We aren’t perfect. We are constantly learning everyday. And please stop feeling sorry for yourself that your prince charming hasn’t come along. It is your confidence and fierceness that will get heads turning your way. In the wise words of Beyoncé, just SLAY and watch them all bow down.

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