When Will We Stop Pushing Blame & Realize That Guns Are The Problem?

Today, shootings seem to be everywhere we turn. But when will we see the change we deserve? What tragic event will finally make us take action against guns? 

Honestly, all the shootings we’ve had are already too many.  It feels like at any point, someone we care about could die just because they went shopping at the wrong store at the wrong time. So why wait any longer to implement gun control laws? Why not act now?

People claim that the problem behind mass shootings isn’t guns and gun access, but instead other people or mental illness. Is something besides guns really to blame, though?

People keep arguing that gun violence is a mental health issue. However, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, most people with mental illness aren’t violent. In fact, people who commit mass shootings are men with histories of violent crime, not people with mental illness.Although I agree that our country needs a major mental health treatment overhaul, I don’t believe that the issue at the root of mass shootings is mental illness at all.

The real reason that we have so many mass shootings is that we allow practically anyone to walk into a store and walk out with a gun.

We must change our gun laws. It’s not that no one should ever be permitted to buy a gun again. Rather, we should increase the amount of control our government has over our weapons.. Implementing detailed, universal background checks will help our country tremendously. Also, we should consider passing permit-to-purchase laws. We can also learn from the states with the lowest rates of gun violence and see what they’re doing right. Clearly, thoughts and prayers aren’t working to solve our gun problem, so let’s start taking action on a national level, and let’s begin right now.

It’s up to us as citizens to push our politicians towards the change we want. 

Let’s continue marching in protest of our lax gun laws. Let’s register to vote and make informed decisions about our leaders. Taking action is the easiest way to not spend every single day worrying if our fathers, brothers, sisters, or children will come home safely. Innocent people have already shed enough blood.

Let’s stop fighting on social media and in Congress about what is to blame for our mass shooting epidemic and start collaboratively working towards positive change. Not next year, not next month, not whenever we feel like it. Let’s start right now!

Feature Image by Heather Mount on Unsplash



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