11 Stages Of Realizing Summer Is Coming To An End As Told By Kittens

One of the most depressing things is realizing that summer is coming to an end. All of the fun with campfires, beach and pool days, staying up late, and no school stress is about to leave, and we are incredibly sad about this. It’s not like anyone wants to go back to school, but unfortunately, we have to. However, it feels like there are a certain amount of stages that people go through as they realize that summer is coming to an end. These stages are going to sound very familiar, and what’s not a better way to help demonstrate these stages than with a bunch of cat gifs?

Here are the 11 stages of realizing your summer is coming to a close as told by kittens:

1. When August catches you by surprise

2. The constant reminder that your days of sleeping in are too few

3. The fact that you will have to start getting ready every day

4. When you realize that your summer bod didn’t really go as planned

5. Trying to get that last minute sunlight

6. When you are just having fun and someone asks if you are ready to start school again

7. The fact that you will have to start studying again

8. No more staying up till 4 AM in a group chat with your squad

9. No more summer drives

10. Trying to hang on to every last minute of summer before it’s over

11. Realizing that there is no way to escape the end of the summer

We hope these adorable kittens helped you cope with the fact that summer is basically over. And if they didn’t or made it worse just remember that even though summer is almost over the memories you made won’t go away. Plus there is always next year and aren’t you kind of over being hot all the time anyway? Welcome Fall with open arms and get ready for more fun the next summer.

Collaboration with Allie Braun

Featured Image via janeandmaizie


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