19 Things I Hope You’ll Finally Find In 2019

It’s 2019, so we’re embracing a season of new beginnings, new lives, and new hopes. This year, I hold high hopes for everyone – hopes for happiness and fulfillment.

I hope…

1. The ones who keep up their faith will finally feel that this is the “someday” that they are waiting for.

2. The ones who are still in search of happiness will eventually say that their pursuit is done and over.

3. The ones who are stuck in the hands of time will finally move on and never look back.

4. The ones who are afraid to take risks will find the courage to step outside of their comfort zones and experience life.

5. The ones who cannot understand their emotions will be able to cage themselves out of their deepest feelings.

6. The ones who others have left behind will never allow humanity to harden them.

7. The ones who keep  waiting for life to change will finally say “Everything was worth the struggle after all.”

8. The ones who feel like they cannot bear the world’s heaviness around their shoulders will discover their inner strength. I hope they will know that all this time, they have been capable of fighting through – feeling light again.

9. The ones who think that they can’t let go will understand that there is far better ahead than the challenges we leave behind.

10. The ones who struggle to face the truth will be able to understand that even if honesty is frightening, it will release them. They will find that only the truth, not lies, deceit, or false pretenses will set them free.

11. The ones who are afraid of making mistakes will learn that failing will teach them everything they need to know about life. They will discover that the messiness of living is all natural and human.

12. The ones who want to give up will feel that there are still possibilities to make life right. They will find hope that there is still a breakthrough coming along the way, a brand-new day to start fresh.

13. The ones who are brokenhearted will understand that heartbreaks should not be their regrets, but instead, their most wonderful lessons.

14. The ones who face the same paths will see that it’s OK to stand in the same place they left. They will know that this second time around, they are a little wiser.

15. The ones who need healing will know that the recovery process may be not be easy or ideal, but they’ll survive it and come out stronger.

16. The ones who are told that their lives will never work out never lose their faith to carry on.

17. The ones who settle for less will know how worthy they are of  time, effort, and genuine care.

18. The ones who think that they have lost themselves in life will eventually find their ways back. I hope they feel the warmth they’ve missed for far too long.

19. And the ones who think that love is never meant for them, never made for them, or will never exist for them will one day find love and embrace it wholeheartedly.

I hope that no one will ever lose their hope no matter what the circumstances are, no matter what life throws them.

Featured Photo by Larisa Birta on Unsplash.


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