9 Simple Hacks To Saving Money While You Travel

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and I recently moved back home so I see all the people I grew up with. I’ve been asked the same question multiple time of how I do it. How can I travel so much… isn’t it expensive? It made me think about my trips and how much I have really spent while on them, surprisingly not a whole lot. You can travel for quite cheap if you know how to do it. We all know going anywhere costs money but it doesn’t have to drain your bank account if you’re smart with it. These next few tips will help keep that bank account stable but create a memory to keep forever.

1. Pack lightly

Okay, yes everyone thinks they know how to pack for a vacation but it is actually harder than it seems. Usually, you have daily events planned and pack for each occasion but then you end up changing a few times a day or believe the weather forecast up until you get there and that sun turns into rain, so instead of packing for each occasion pack the essentials and wear the same clothes. If you’re a person who likes washing their clothes after every wear that is okay, they have laundry machines everywhere you go. Just know that limiting your packing will reduce money. Instead of checking in a bag and spending another $50 on baggage, keep it as a carry-on. That $50 can go a long way.

2. Food
Yes, this can add up very quickly but do your research and plan out what you will be eating before the trip to save the most money. Either it is one big trip to the grocery store and planned meals or it is finding that cheap deal at a restaurant, you’ll save a few dollars and anywhere you save can really help. (Tip: Coras – a breakfast restaurant in Vancouver – has a $5 breakfast before 8 AM and it includes coffee… it doesn’t get better than that).

3. Sleeping Destination

Depending on where you are going, hotels are not always the only options. You can rent a campground for very cheap and set up a tent. You can stay in hostels for an average of $35 per night. If hotels are your kind of sleeping destination, that is okay too. There are so many different qualities to a good hotel but even the cheapest hotels have a bed and usually a morning meal option. You don’t have to stay in the nicest of hotels, bed and breakfasts do just fine. Saving money on your sleeping destination all dependent on preference.

4. Transportation
Maybe you’re in Vancouver, Los Angeles, or Jamaica, either way, your transportation can add up very fast. Your plane ticket is going to be the majority of the cost but then the rest depends on what you use to get around the town. If you can, I suggest spending most of the days walking or biking as taxis and Ubers can get very expensive. Depending on where you are you could hire a coach, in England for example, you can find a London coach company fairly easily. Even renting your own vehicle can be a money saver. 

5. Booking the trip

When booking try to use sites likes booking.com or Expedia, these sites give you benefits for your next stays and provide deals when they come up. It’s very nice to know that spending your money on this trip can save you money on your next one. It’s kind of awesome actually, like who doesn’t like saving money?

6. Daily Deal Sites

Everyone loves saving money and with sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, you can. Instead of walking into a store and paying full price try using these sites that have daily deals so you can save money.

7. Can I Say Airmiles?
Finally, put those airplane and Air Miles to a cause, I mean… why not. Save money while buying other things and still luck out in the long run. Yes, please.

8. Find a Job

Yes, I understand not a lot of people go traveling around the world to work but why wouldn’t you. If you’re in a destination for a long time, it can be beneficial to work for a local diner or something like that. You get a pay allowance, are able to interact with people who live in the area and will possibly meet some friends that will be able to show you the local things to do. WIN, WIN, WIN.

9. Country Deals
Before you leave for your destination make sure to take a look at what the country is offering for deals. I know for this year in Canada you can get a free entrance into all the national parks Canada has just by filling out a form. This will save you a solid $12 each time you are entering a new park… It all adds up!

Overall you can see traveling can be cheap if you allow it to be. Traveling is something I recommend for everyone to do and If you are using excuses like money or school of why you’re not traveling, think about the time you can go. When you can go stress-free. When you can go debt free. When you can go and still enjoy the life around you. If you want to go, go. Stop letting the little things in life seem like the big things and just allow yourself to see the world for what it really is instead of looking at a photo. Let your eyes capture the photo, trust me when I say you’ll love it even more.

Featured image via Shamim Nakhaei on Unsplash


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