To The Faithful And Honest Girl With A Broken Heart

In this world full of selfish manipulators, pathological liars, and lustful cheaters, discovering someone like you who lives and loves with unquestionable loyalty and honesty is such an incredible blessing.

Stories of toxic and emotionally abusive relationships that drain honest, loving souls pop up left and right. People who love wholly and remain loyal are the embodiment of greatness. Sadly, that makes those lovely spirits the perfect meal for starving egos and pathetic souls who take advantage. Unfortunately, that’s how hearts like yours get broken.

But to tell you the truth, you should be proud to experience heartbreak because you are kind and loving.

Be proud that your soul overflows with pure intentions. The people who hurt you lack those very intentions, and it hurts them the most.

Be proud that your heart is honest.

Celebrate your inability to fake every emotion, every word, every desire. Your heart of gold makes you stand out from the crowd and separates you from the sea of cowards and users.

Be proud of your loyalty.

Committing to one partner doesn’t make you boring or unlovable. You’re not “just settling;” you’re simply a person with high-functioning faithfulness, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Be proud of yourself for loving without hesitation.

Your genuine concern shines through your commitment to the present and the future. Choosing to stay and continuing to love someone unconditionally restores our faith in humanity and our spirit of true love.

Be proud of your pain.

Embrace every tear, every curse, every sleepless night. Celebrate the low-blows you have bravely endured. Be proud that you are the one whom others hurt… because it means that you were the one who showed the most love.

Most of all, be proud of all that you are.

A person like you, who is honest, faithful, loving, and true, is a rare breed.  Our world desperately needs you. When you’re confused why they broke your heart, despite the fact that you were the honest, faithful one, remember to simply be proud. Your failed relationships actually saved you from deeper destruction and spared you from people who don’t deserve your roaring rarity.

Cheaters will always be cheaters, and liars will always be liars, even if they are aware of their actions. You attract what you send out into the universe, so the manipulators, cheaters, and liars will eventually get what they deserve. Your kind, caring heart, however,  will eventually attract someone who can – and will – match your soul’s goodness.

You might feel down in this moment, but please know that your pain is temporary. Cry as you pick up the pieces of your broken heart, but promise that you’ll laugh it off someday. You can and will find someone better, because you are an honest, faithful lover.

Previously published on Thought Catalog.

Featured Photo by Sonnie Hiles on Unsplash.


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