Get Back Into Working Out: 11 Incentives To Kickstart Your Routine

When you’ve been off your game for a while, getting back into working out can be a real struggle. Finding the motivation can be hard, and a few little rewards to boost your progress are an ideal way to build up momentum. With that in mind, if you target said rewards appropriately, the hope is that before you know, your workouts will have become a habit and the rewards will be less necessary. Although, you may still want to use the excuse to get your hands on some of these goodies…

It’s hard to define the rewards without instantly going to take out foods, chocolate, wine and all the things that will essentially undo all of your hard work. So here’s a few ideas for ways to reward yourself that don’t include junk food!!

  1. A Massage – treat your burning muscles with a good rub down.
  2. Time in the sauna or steam room to unwind the mind post-workout.
  3. A healthy smoothie – we are avoiding junk food, not food altogether!
  4. New workout clothes to match your great new routine.
  5. A bonus rest day for smashing some serious goals.
  6. Some ‘at home’ equipment like a yoga mat, weights or, if you’re feeling dangerous, a new bike.
  7. Flowers, because, who doesn’t want flowers?
  8. Invest in bath salts or a bath bomb and a long hot soak.
  9. A haircut, manicure, pedicure or other treatment to make you feel as good on the outside as you do inside.
  10. Buy some new clothing in general.
  11. A bikini for your next vacation to motivate you to keep going.

Different people will always be drawn in by various things, so at the end of the day, focus your rewards on the things that really help to get you moving. Try to time them accordingly (I’m definitely not suggesting you should buy a bike after a 30-minute workout!), staging them as you reach new levels will help to keep up the momentum and stop you from getting bored.

There it is – get started with your plan now and hit the gym hard!

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