Why You Should Date The Guy Who Does These 4 Things


You should date the boy that makes you laugh. 

Date the boy who, with a simple “hello, brings a bright smile to your face. The one who devotes his precious time to make sure that you’re happy and serene. Only date the boy who sees you in your darkest moments and can still fully grasp the beauty of your personality. Date the boy who will be there for you when you need him the most.

Date the boy who spends time with you without asking.

Be with the one who wants to be around you, even when you’re not doing anything exciting. He stays because he simply enjoys your company. Date the boy who wants to hold you close, feel your warmth, and reassure you that you’re going to be just fine. Date someone who reminds you that your shortcomings don’t mean that you aren’t capable of greatness. He knows that you are strong and resilient. 

Date the boy who texts you good morning and goodnight.

If he only thinks of you at night, then you’re just his passing infatuation. And if he solely texts you in the morning, then he simply feels obligated to say something sweet. Date the boy who ensures that you know how much he cares about you every day and every night.

Date someone who considers himself your equal.

Only date someone who doesn’t put you down or worship you, but instead stands shoulder-to-shoulder with you. Date the boy whose only wish is to achieve greatness alongside you. Only then will you have the true, deep relationship that you deserve. 

Date the boy who makes you laugh. Because in this sad, grey life, there’s nothing better than a little happiness in disguise. He’ll uplift and energize you. His infectious spirit will rub off on you, and his sparkly eyes will remind you what it’s like to feel like someone appreciates and needs you. He will help you feel alive again, and nothing else will ever compare. Forget the handsome, rich, or muscular boys. Don’t give your heart to someone who will crush it just to move on to someone new. Date the boy who makes you laugh. At the end of the day, looks will fade and money will disappear, but the laughs you share will remain forever, and that’s the purest form of love.

Featured image via Briona Baker on Unsplash


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