5 Reasons Why More People Need To Attend Psych 101

The fundamentals of human behavior can be found in any basic psychology course. That being said, why does it take until college age for students to be taught this information? Teenagers often wonder why people act the ways that they do every single day. If young adults were taught the basics of psychology at an earlier age, maybe they too would be able to better understand their own behavior.

At many colleges and universities around the world, a variation of Psychology 101 is taught to almost every student on campus as a gen ed course. But that means that not everyone is being taught any variation of psychology since not everyone goes to college. However, I believe basic psychology course should be taught since middle school because teenagers have the most fluctuate emotional changes among all period of ages. Here are 5 reasons why Psychology 101 should be taught in schools:

It teaches you to be more self-aware
When you’re able to understand why you act the way you do, or why you fall for the same types of people over and over again, you can really start to understand more about the others around you. The nature vs. nurture debate really comes into play here for sure, but if you were taught how and why you became who you are, puzzle pieces about your own life start fitting together in front of your eyes.

It regulates and stabilizes your emotions
When you’re able to understand why you react the way you do, you learn to accept the actions of those around you. Learning why your friend became so defensive over a sensitive topic can really open your eyes into who you become friends with and why they do what they do. Once you understand why you act the way you do for different situations, you learn how to avoid behaviors you don’t want to confront others with.

It makes you more empathic to others
This may sound a little repeated thus far, but that’s just how important it really is! Once you’re able to understand why people act the way they do, you truly open your eyes to their perspective much more easily. Opening your mind to a little empathy is just about as close as we can get to mind-reading, and it’s still pretty cool. Let that empathy in and start helping those around you by understanding.

It teaches you to think critically
Critical thinking may be asking for a lot these days since the internet and social media offers some instant gratification, but it’s still the most important skill we need. Being able to make your own decisions reasonably is much, much easier when you have the critical thinking skills you never knew you needed after any psychology class. Moreover, psychology course teaches us to always look for some reasonings behind people’s behavior, which will improve our critical thinking as well.

It makes you understand about life
Again, this may sound a little repetitive but hear me out. You grow up going through phase after phase trying to understand yourself and how the universe works, but any psychology class can open up SO many doors for you to better understand the world. Why are there so many bad people in the world? Why is Schrodinger’s Cat shown in science and psychology? Why do I need to know Psych 101? It’s all answered in these simple psychology classes folks!

Psychology is an amazingly huge field that opens doors for everyone to learn about themselves, the world, their friends/ex’s/family and so much more. We need this field way more than we give it credit for and hopefully one day we use it to its potential. Mental health research alone is still growing and may even get its own spotlight in the future as well; everyone’s mental health is different after all. Keep on studying and be sure to keep your mind open!

Collaboration with Cassandra Marie Vella

Featured Image via Pexels


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