Four Eyes: The 6 Struggles Everyone Who Wears Glasses Knows

I remember one beautiful morning I woke up, opened my eyes, and saw the birds chirping by the tree outside of my window. For a second, I thought somehow my eyesight magically fixed itself and I finally understood what pure happiness felt like. Then, a second later, I realized what pure stupidity felt like because I slept in my contacts.

After that, I stuck to my glasses for about a week straight and realized how crappy people who wear glasses every day have it. I mean, just look at everything we have to deal with:

  1. Rain

Windshield wipers on cars are genius and all, but how about some wipers for glasses?! Do you know how impossible it is to see in the rain when you have glasses on?

Here’s a hint: don’t use those wipers on your car when you’re driving and you basically got it.

  1. Cold to Hot

This is what happens when you go from cold air to heated air.

DO YOU SEE THIS? How is anyone suppose to live this way? I, for one, refuse to leave my house in anything but contacts during the winter because a minute of eyesight is far too precious to give up.

  1. Shower

How can a simple shower suck for people who wear glasses, you ask?

Well, you either go in there with your glasses and a combination of the rain and “cold to hot” problems happen OR you go in there with no glasses and just gotta assume you got it all.

Body wash becomes shampoo, conditioner becomes shaving cream, and the water temperature dial becomes your worst enemy.

  1. Reenacting Scooby Doo

If they ever decide to make a live-action Scooby Doo again, I’m a shoo-in for Velma.

Seriously, set them down for a second and you’ll find yourself micro-analyzing every inch of your room until you figure out where they went.

OH – and sometimes you decide to sit or take a step too far and hear that *crunch.*

  1. “Can I Try Them”

Please tell me, what is the obsession with trying people’s glasses on?!

Look, to you it may be cute and adorable to try on a new accessory, but to me, it’s the difference between vision and a huge headache because EVERYTHING’S A BLUR. Excuse me if I don’t want to help you out while you take a “dorky selfie.”

  1. “How Many Fingers”

Having to deal with the, “how many fingers am I holding up” game is enough to make me eat all the carrots and never sit too close to the TV.

For the record, my eyes don’t magically see ten fingers on one hand, they just see a huge blur or nothing at all depending on how far away you’re standing.

Do you see now what people who wear glasses go through on a daily basis?

So, if I’m ever wearing glasses and I’m a little grumpy, you now know why and you definitely know what not to do to make me happy. And if you wear glasses, I feel your pain. BUT on the plus side, we get 20/20 vision thanks to those bad boys and that trumps any inconvenience they may bring.

Go ahead, wipe the random smudges you somehow got on your glasses while reading this, raise them a little higher because you know they’ve slipped, and rock those extra eyes.

Feature Image via Brandon Woelfel.


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