How The Movie ‘Before I Fall’ Will Put Your Life Into Perspective

Do you ever randomly come across a movie and it turns out to be a great one, making you fall in love with it? I think that’s one of my new specialties. The other day I couldn’t sleep and instead of doing something productive, something useful, something I’d be happy about the next day, I decided to turn on the tv and watch a movie. I’ve heard about this movie called “Before I Fall” and it was on my Android box so I decided to give that a try – little did I know how much of a refresher it was going to be.

Here’s a quick summary of the movie: it revolves around a senior high school student named Samantha who seems to have it all; popularity, the perfect boyfriend and a clear, planned out future, then she does not. One frightful night later and she ends up reliving the same day over and over again. Once she is trapped and is reliving the same day over and over again she starts to question how perfect her life really was. She begins to discover the power of a single day. That she needs to make a difference, not just in her life but in those around her – before she runs out of time for good.

This entire movie is set on one girl’s life and how everything she does impacts another person’s life. How one word from her can leads for a girl’s suicide plans to change. How yelling at her younger sister impacts the way her sister feels at school. How hard it is for her parents to deal with her attitude and how what she does truly matters.

This just completely opened my eyes – yes I did watch this at 1 AM but it still really made me think about the way I live my life. I try and be polite and do the little gestures that help others but I got to thinking, do I do it enough? I can name off at least five incidents almost every day, where I could have said something that would have brightened someone’s day or just allowed them to know that someone cared and I didn’t but what I need to understand is that I don’t know what they’re going through so my little words can possibly help tremendously.

Maybe that girl who is trying on those gorgeous shoes is going out for an important date night. Maybe that person who is afraid of love had family issues and believe they will never be happy with their own family, but one happy thought can change that. Maybe the girl crying in the hallway just failed a class and is considering throwing away her education because she doesn’t think she’s good enough, but just knowing one positive thought can change her perspective. Hearing positivity does wonders.

See, I thought I lived my life like this but when I come to think about it I am so very awkward. I don’t know what the people who are in my life are going through. I can see a random stranger and go say something which is good but it can be better, I can do more. I can help more people and this movie made me realize that.

This movie made me realize the things I say and do impact more than myself.
They impact those around me who then go to work and spread that negativity which gets picked up by a coworker and so on. Coming down the line it all comes back to me, the one who said that hurtful thing in the first place.

Now I’ve come to realize that if you spread positivity you’ll change the way people’s lives can turn out to be. You’ll come to realize the truth behind people’s true feelings. Then eventually you yourself will feel proud – proud of who you are, and how you’ve made a change in people’s lives. I am going to start living my life like this and I suggest you give it a try – or at least watch the movie and decide for yourself! You won’t regret it, I promise you that.

Featured Image via screengrab from Before I Fall.


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