7 Reasons Claire Underwood Should Be Your Role Model

Most people hate House Of Cards’ power couple, The Underwoods. They are manipulative, have hidden agendas, play dirty, and cannot be trusted. Yet I have quite the soft spot for the Mrs. That’s right, I love Claire Underwood. I would even go as far as saying that I want to grow up to be just like her. Why (obviously said in Frank’s southern twang) am I striving to be like a woman that is as awful as I just described? Because of these 7 things;

She gets dirty like the guys

It may be Frank who steers the ship most days but Claire can be just as bad as he is. She isn’t afraid to get down in the dirt with the other boys and play rough. But that woman is not playing. She may look elegant and act loving but she is one tough cookie.

No feelings can hold her back

Yes, she is married. No, it isn’t always happy. But regardless of her state of affairs, even when she’s having them, those feels never take root. She may have made an impulse decision once, but I literally only can only think of that one time, and then once she realized her mistake she was perfectly fine cleaning up her mess.

Mastering the professional, feminine look

This woman could wear a garbage bag and win best dressed. High necklines, long skirts, and cap sleeves for days may sound like grammy-style but it is flawless on Claire. She keeps herself modest while still look so sexy! I don’t know how but I need to learn how.

Her commitment to commitment

As I pointed out before, she had a moment where she slipped, but it always goes back to her and Frank. They made promises, simple as that. They both have their tendencies to want something different every now and again but they never waiver from each other for long. It’s the Underwood’s against the world.

She pays no attention to those gawking at her

Most of House Of Cards is narrated by Frank. He speaks directly to the camera to give the audience the feeling that he is speaking with us. Claire never did that until the last few episodes of season 5 stating that she has “always known [we] were there” but that she is “ambivalent about attention. But don’t take it personally. It’s how [she] feel[s] about most everybody.” It’s hard to have that mindset when you’re in the spotlight and such a crooked person. But she gives zero fucks.

She is the President

House Of Cards may be an alternate universe but with all these alternative facts going around it could be the real one. A woman is running the United States of America! How about that for life and career goals?

She runs outside

A lot of busy people tend to work out while they work or have trainers come to them at their in-home gym. But Claire, while I did see her go into the White House gym room once, mostly runs in the great outdoors. With a team of secret service men running with her. Now, as a fellow runner, that is staying humble and appreciating the wonders of a great run.

Maybe she does have some bad habits (smoking even though she is a runner, being a killer, blackmailing government officials, etc) but she also has some pretty great qualities. She is a strong female character who knows what she wants and she gets it. No questions asked. Why would anyone not want to be like that?

And it doesn’t hurt that the actress who plays Claire Underwood, Robin Wright, was just fierce AF in Wonder Woman.

Feature Image via House Of Cards Season 5


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