7 Simple Things You Want To Be Rich Enough To Afford

There is a stigma around the American dream. Its message is that we all want loads of money so we can blow it on cars, houses, and designer clothes. While that is the dream for some, it is not the dream for all. There are so many little things that I cut corners with and all I want one day is to have enough money in my bank account to swipe my card for them.

Buying lunch: I pack my lunch every day. I sometimes torture myself by going for walks and strolling around cafes and restaurants with to-go counters. It takes all I have in me not to swipe a credit card or count my laundry quarters out into dollar increments. But I don’t. Because those overdraft fees are no joke.

iTunes: As a music snob (you know what I mean, the girl who says “I knew that song before it was on the radio”), I pride myself on having full albums by artists and even soundtracks to obscure movies. If I had a nickel for every single I’ve bought instead of the full album in these last few years of adulting, I’d be able to buy pre-order so many emo band albums.

Renting movies on demand: This I actually think would make date nights a lot cheaper in the long run. Going to the movies costs about as much as a rental car these days so it sometimes makes more sense just to wait and only spend $5.99. But each movie is a whole Starbucks coffee so there goes that stay-at-home-date-night idea.

Morning coffee: Speaking of coffee! I love it when it’s hot as I sip and especially when it comes with a pastry. I can make coffee but it is nothing like barista level and my kitchen never has buttered croissants. It seems no matter what I add or how soon before I walk out my door, my coffee mug doesn’t give me the same happiness as a paper cup from down the street.

Books I need: You may snicker at the word “need” but books are quite the necessity. And yes, I have a pile of unread ones. But no, there is never enough. Especially at the rate, they are turning books into tv shows or movies; I can’t keep up!

Smoothies/juice: The semi-recent juicing trend has every hippie food shop and local cafe mushing up their fruits and veggies into colorful drinks. I want them all just for the Instagram. Also because they are perfect for the warm weather ahead and they really hit the spot when you need a pick me up or are feeling a bit hungry.

Fitness: This is a big one. I am an avid runner and I want to do every race every weekend in every major city and where all my friends live. I also want to try yoga and I hear spinning produces amazing results. I need new sneakers; I want a Fitbit. Matcha tea sounds yummy and I bet I would be love freshly squeezed juices. The amount of money one could spend on being physically fit is skyrocketing by the second.

See? I don’t want those fancy convertibles or a beach house on each coast. As much as I love heels and dresses, those things aren’t topping the bank account charts. I just want to live a healthy life filled with books for days, good music flowing out of my speakers, and a movie before bed.

Featured image via Adrianna Calvo on Unsplash


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