5 Running Races You Need To Add To Your Bucket List

Trying to convince yourself to go running and keep fit isn’t always easy. Sometimes the first week or so goes really well and then you find yourself losing motivation. Running is a relatively new hobby for me and so sometimes my motivation is lacking. I want to be committed to training, to be motivated and energetic.

I want to push myself to become better.

Signing up for races has been one way that I’ve tried to kickstart this hobby and motivate myself to keep it up. The only thing is, races can sometimes be a little too intense. I’m just trying to make it through the 5km or 10km without collapsing or charting my own course to a nearby pizza place.

After a little research, here are some races that I think will help motivate you (and me!) to continue running while not feeling the need to enter into anything too intense.

1. The Color Run (5k): this one I’ve done myself, twice in fact, and absolutely loved! The color stations that arise every kilometer are a great distraction that will keep you focused on… well anything that isn’t your lungs slowly failing you.  

2. Safari Park Half Marathon & 10km: If we are going to talk about distractions, I’m not sure there’s anything better than adorable animals! This race includes a scenic route through San Diego’s Zoo Safari Park and includes all-day admission to the park! You get to run and raise money for the park all at once, talk about a feel good day!

3. “A Christmas Story” (5/10k): Who would ever pass up the opportunity to dress up and take part in both a fundraiser and a re-living of the film “A Christmas Story”? It’s festive and healthy! Thank you, Cleveland, Ohio for that remarkable idea.

4. Half Corked Marathon (18km): British Columbia really hit the mark with this one. This race is about taking your time, absorbing the beautiful scenery around you, and of course sampling local food at ten stops along the way. These vineyards sound remarkable, and you might just find yourself too absorbed in the view and the taste of wine to even remember that you’re running at all!

5. Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend (marathon, half marathon, and 5k): What better pick me up is there than to see Mickey Mouse smiling at you just when you were starting to feel a little tired? There is no better pick me up, that is the answer. The positive vibes will not only keep you feeling like a kid at heart but will keep you filled with the energy of one too.

To my surprise, there was a whole lot more where these came from. Say goodbye to those excuses keeping you inside, these races are meant for those of us still trying to turn running into an enjoyable task. Running for me is about being healthy and feeling good and I don’t want to be stuck in something that doesn’t feel rewarding or fun. These races are the perfect solution. I don’t know about you, but I’m buying a new pair of sneakers and adding these races to my bucket list! 

Featured image via Nqobile Vundla on Unsplash


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